Owner-customer benefits from saving and investment

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you are entitled to value-for-money benefits from saving and investment.

ETF benefit for owner-customers

In 2020, OP’s owner-customers trade in ETFs free of charge.

Mutual fund benefit for owner-customers

As an owner-customer you can sell, buy and trade nearly all our mutual funds (savers’ funds, socially responsible funds, and equity and bond funds) without fees.

Insurance savings benefit for owner-customers

Saving through insurance is an effortless and flexible method for long-term saving. We offer our owner-customers two different insurance savings products: OP Unit-linked Insurance and OP Savings Agreement. You can select several investment vehicles for your agreement from our wide range of options. Switching between investment instruments and transferring funds to insurance savings is free of charge.

Equity trading benefits for owner-customers

Owner-customers are automatically upgraded to the second fee level, where the trading fee is 0.17% of the transaction price, or a minimum of 7 euros per completed transaction. In addition, as an owner-customer you will not pay more than 1% as a trading fee in share orders (Finland, Sweden). For international shares, the minimum fee per completed transaction is 8 euros.