Omistaja-asiakas saa etuja säästämisestä ja sijoittamisesta. Kuvan pieni tyttö tietää, ettei kaikkia munia kannata laittaa samaan koriin.

Owner-customer benefits from saving and investment

As our owner-customer, you are entitled to value-for-money benefits from saving and investment.

Benefit to owner-customers through mutual funds

As our owner-customer, you can buy, sell and switch almost all of our mutual funds with no charges.

OP Investment Partner for owner-customers

OP Investment Partner is a service package designed for owner-customers who have assets available for investment. You will get a personal contact person and have access to comprehensive and real-time market information to support your investment decisions.

New benefits for online equity trading

As an owner-customer, you will enjoy lower equity trading costs in OP’s online self-service channels ( and OP-mobile). Owner-customers are automatically upgraded to the second fee level, where the trading fee is 0.18% of the transaction price, or a minimum of 8 euros per completed transaction. Moreover, as an owner-customer you will never pay more than 1% as a trading fee. The new one percent benefit allows direct equity saving also on smaller transaction prices.

We also encourage you to save regularly. Completing at least one transaction per quarter moves you automatically to the third fee level of the price list at the beginning of the next quarter. The trading fee on this level is 0.15%, but at minimum 5 euros and at maximum 1% of the transaction price, irrespective of the size of the minimum fee. For international shares, the minimum fee per completed transaction is 8 euros.

As our owner-customer, you can buy, sell and switch the majority of our funds' units with no separate charges.

As our owner-customer, you will be assigned a contact person with whom you will discuss targets and plans for your assets. Your contact person will offer you expert help also when you want to make investment plans yourself related to your assets and act independently in capital markets.

Owner-customers have automatic access to the second fee level on the brokerage fee list, in which the brokerage fee is 0.18% (min. 8 euros) while the fee at the first fee level is 0.2% (min. 8 euros).