OP Private

OP Private

We ensure that your wealth is in the best possible care.


We will build you a personalised investment solution that meets your needs and preferences, takes into account your financial situation and changes in life, and helps you prepare for the future. Our Private Banking services are primarily suited for you if you have investment assets of over 300,000 euros.



We ensure a carefree service experience, you will be appointed a personal asset manager to manage your investments and assist with other aspects of your finances. You can also contact our other specialists through your asset manager. You have access to a wide range of digital services that make it easy to keep track of your investments.



We offer comprehensive support in both wealth management and banking and insurance services. We also assist in tax-related and legal matters and real estate services. We offer the right solutions for you, from payment cards to investment loans, home insurance or drafting a will.

Full range of financial services from one provider.

We are Finland’s largest financial services group and offer the full range of financial services under one roof. You always receive solutions that take your situation and needs comprehensively into account. 


As an OP Private customer, you get the following benefits:

  • Active communication, investment consulting and reporting by a personal asset manager.
  • Access to an expanded range of investment solutions, including OP Private funds, individual unit-linked insurance plans and alternative investments.
  • Free stock quotes, news and investment research reports.
  • Access to our legal services at special rates.
  • Free OP Platinum or OP Gold card with a wide range of additional services.
  • 10% discount on Extrasure and Vehicle Cover policies from Pohjola Insurance. In addition, our insurance specialists ensure that your insurance cover is comprehensive.
  • Personal Private section in OP-mobile.
  • High-quality client events.

Your wealth deserves excellent care. By taking your situation and needs into account, we can find the right wealth management solutions for you. We serve you from Helsinki to Utsjoki.

Jukka Klemetti Senior Asset Manager

Would you like to learn more? Contact us

We understand the wide range of wealth management needs. We would be pleased to discuss with you how we can be of service and provide you with the solutions suitable for your assets and situation. You can book an appointment for a negotiation, contact your own OP cooperative bank or call us free of charge at 0800 02441 (Mon–Fri 8–16).

OP Private Wealth Planning
We will make a Wealth Planning plan with you which a team of specialists manages your and your loved ones’ wealth. The service is available to clients with investment assets worth over one million euros.
All asset and wealth management services
Asset and wealth management services enable you to find peace of mind, ease and successful investments. OP Private and OP Asset Management provide personalised asset management services that take account of your situation and needs.
Service provider is local OP cooperative bank or OP Asset Management Ltd.