Corporate fixed income bond – yield above-the-market-average as an objective

Corporate fixed income securities are an appropriate savings and investment solution in case you want to accept more risk than by investing in bonds. It provides the same kind of investment opportunity than bonds issued by corporates.

Markets price in credit risk for companies according to how they are expected to cope with their financial obligations. The riskier the company is, the more you can require return on your investment.

Corporate fixed income is a product where you invest in the credit risk of a reference company. There can be one or several reference companies. Corporate fixed income is the same kind of investment product as bonds issued by corporates.

If the reference company avoids any major financial hardship during the term to maturity, you will get a return above the market rate. If the company suffers, for example, payment default or bankruptcy during the term to maturity, you will lose part of your investment. Interest will then be paid only on the remaining capital.

We aim to select corporate fixed-income reference companies in such a way that the risk involved is moderate but the expected yield is attractive.

Corporate fixed income as investment

  • No capital protection
  • Interest yield above the market average rate as objective
  • Investment horizon is over 5 years
  • Minimum subscription is usually 1,000 euros
  • No subscription fee
Corporate fixed income is intended as a longer-term investment but if you like, you can also sell it back to us earlier.

More information is available from OP Corporate Bank plc's bond programme prospectus.

The (structured) bond product is issued by OP Corporate Bank plc. Group member banks, in addition to the OP Corporate Bank, can act as subscription agents.