OP Asset Management – personal service with extensive expertise and long history

OP Financial Group has an inspiring history of over a hundred years in managing client assets. OP Asset Management continues this work, backed by excellent resources, extensive expertise and long-standing experience. We are proud to be among Finland’s largest asset managers across all asset classes.

OP Asset Management’s offering includes the wide array of OP funds, alternative investments, real estate investments and many additional services. We also offer a large selection of our international partners’ funds and products designed for professional investors only.

At OP Asset Management, we emphasise responsible investing (ESG) and risk selection. Responsibility is always considered in investment decisions and processes, and it’s a crucial element in our investment operations. In particular, it plays a key role in our active direct investments.

Our goal is to deliver added value to the client in the ever-changing market, which is why we continuously focus on developing our products and services.

OP Asset Management provides services for institutions and OP Wealth Management and OP Family Office clients.

Institutional Asset Management

Our Institutional Asset Management provides institutions with a high-quality asset management service tailored to the client’s needs. We offer personal service, whether you’re interested in a discretionary investment management or advisory investment management agreement or wish to receive suggestions on individual funds. In addition to conventional equity and fixed-income investing, we also offer a wide variety of alternative investments.

Together with the client, we define their asset management targets and then identify a suitable solution for each investment need. We believe that the best way to achieve client satisfaction is to ensure the client’s targets are met.

The clients of our institutional asset managers include companies, municipalities, cities, parishes, pension institutions, foundations and personnel funds.

OP Wealth Management

Designed for wealthy private individuals, companies and their stakeholders, OP Wealth Management is a comprehensive asset and wealth management service for your demanding needs. We can offer you, for example, extensive solutions for professional investors and the opportunity to invest in alternative asset classes together with OP. With the help of your Account Director, you have easy access to the entire OP Financial Group’s expertise, such as that in banking, tax and legal services, insurance or, say, your company’s reorganisation.

Through their view of investments and strategic allocation, our experienced experts bring certainty to your decisions, irrespective of your objectives. You can be actively involved in your investment or let us act on your behalf under a discretionary investment management agreement. Our expertise is always there for you whenever you need it.

OP Family Office

OP Family Office is our solution for you if you are looking for an asset and wealth management partner with a long-term approach for your family, extended family or, say, investment company. Our service is based on considering your situation in life and your wealth as a whole, in view of your future plans. 

Your own Account Director and our customer relationship team will provide you easily with all services, products and experts in the same package that meet your needs. We will support you, for example, in generational transfers and wealth planning and in all other services you need. We will build with you a whole best suited to you, utilising OP’s full range of offerings and the global investment products of our international partners.

Contact persons

Pasi Vuorinen, Asset Management Clients
+358 50 502 4385

Janne Hakanen, Wealth Management Clients
+358 50 405 3237

Topi Vilppunen, Institutions
+358 50 426 5387

Kalle Heikkilä, OP Family Office
+358 50 3500 608