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The data security of the analytics we use on our website has been verified

We use different analytics services on our website, for example, to monitor the usage of our website and services, including the number of visitors, and to target advertising to users. The analytics on this website use cookies.

All analytics services have been tested for data security and we continuously monitor their security. Cookies cannot be altered by third parties without permission from OP and the data collected using cookies is retained in a security-audited data centre located in the EU.

Our analytics service provider is committed to following all established data security standards and to complying with laws in force on processing personal data. OP-Services Ltd manages data collected using cookies and the data is owned by OP Financial Group’s controllers.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s device. We use cookies to uniquely identify browsers and to verify browsers used by our website visitors. So, by using cookies we will know if the user has visited our website previously using his/her browser. Cookies can also be used for technical reasons to guarantee the website’s functionalities.

We use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist only during a session, or a single visit. They are deleted automatically when the browser is closed. Session cookies are needed, for example, for providing online banking services.

Permanent cookies also exist only for a specified limited period: they will remain on the visitor’s device for a specified period after the expiry of the session unless the visitor deletes them before that. Cookies do not harm devices or files in any way.

The aim is to provide better and more personal customer experience

We use analytics to collect data on the usage of our website and services. Cookies enable us to link collected data to a unique browser.

By analysing our website usage and by using cookies, we aim to provide more personal services. With cookies, we also ensure the reliable, safe operation of our websites and services as well as secure transactions and prevent misuse.

Cookies and analytics provide us with information, for example, on which pages visitors go to, what applications they use and how they navigate between pages. In order to develop our website, we collect data on, for example, what kind of website content is most efficient and functional.

Through the collected data on website usage, we can create target audiences and improve visitor experience by offering targeted content, such as advertising and messages relevant to website visitors.  We use analytics to create audiences for targeting purposes.

These target audiences enable us to target advertising on third-party websites as well. That is why users may see OP advertising on third-party websites too. This kind of marketing too is offered solely for OP’s own purposes. We do not disclose data on our target audiences or customers to other website providers for their own use.

We may also create target audiences by using visitor data from other websites collected together with our partners. In such a case, we will ensure that our partner has the right to give us the data.

Are we able to identify visitors by using cookies?

We can link data on the usage of services and websites to a customer only when the visitor logs into OP’s services using his/her own OP username and password. The linkage is made and the customer data processed only within OP. If a customer logs into OP’s services on different devices, the collected data on the usage of the devices can be linked to the specific customer.

OP is, as a responsible company, committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with data protection legislation.

More information on privacy and data protection

How can a visitor control the use of cookies?

A website visitor can disable the use of cookies for statistical purposes or for targeted advertising on via the link below.

If a visitor wants to disable cookies altogether, he/she can do it in the browser settings. Visitors can also disable cookies from the browser and disable targeted advertising and messages based on historical behavioural data.

More detailed cookie settings