Use of OP eServices

Frequently asked questions

Key code list – how can I get and activate a new key code list?

How can I get a new key code list?

  1. Order a new, nonactivated key code list at You’ll get the key code list in about one week. Don’t throw away your old key code list: you’ll need it for activating the new list.
  2. We will automatically mail you a new key code list when you have 20 key codes left on your current list.
  3. If you have lost your old key code list or it has fallen apart, you can order a new one by contacting OP at 0100 0500 or by visiting a bank branch.
  4. If your old list has been stolen or you suspect that your user identifiers have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised person, you must always deactivate the identifiers. You’ll get new identifiers from any of our bank branches.

How can I activate a new key code list myself?

You’ll need to activate the new key code list, regardless of whether it was mailed to you automatically or you ordered it yourself or picked it up at a branch. To activate the new key code list on OP eServices, you’ll need your old key code list, which must have at least three (3) pairs of key codes left.

Log into the service and click on your own name on the upper bar, and open Manage User ID > Replace key code list.

Supported browsers – Which browsers support the use of

You can use the service with all commonly used browsers: Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend using the latest versions of supported browsers to ensure secure and smooth access.

We do not support any test and beta versions or browser extensions.

Credentials – What should I do if my credentials were locked?

If your user identifiers or key code list has been locked due to your own typo, you can try to re-log into the service after 24 hours. Your user identifiers will be reactivated if you type them correctly when you log in next time. If you re-type wrong user identifiers, you can reactivate them by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch.

If you need to have your user identifiers reactivated in less than 24 hours or need new ones, visit your nearest OP cooperative bank branch.  Remember to take your valid personal ID document with you.

Credentials – What should I do if my credentials fell into the wrong hands or I forgot them?

Credentials are your key to OP’s services. Do not give your credentials to any person.

If you suspect that your credentials have fallen into the wrong hands, deactivate them immediately by calling OP`s telephone service or the Deactivation Service. Also report the incident to OP telephone service when it is open again.

Personal nature of credentials – Why are credentials personal?

The use of online user identifiers and OP service user identifiers is equivalent to your signature and all orders given, messages sent, applications submitted, and agreements concluded using your identifiers are binding on you in relation to the bank or other service provider.

If you want to do banking transactions for another person on his/her behalf, (s)he can give you access rights to his/her account by visiting a member cooperative bank branch, after which you can use his/her account using your credentials.