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Protect your company’s finances against changes

Entrepreneur’s serious illness or a rise in interest rates can turn a company’s financial situation upside down. Accordingly, companies should prepare for borrower risks.

Prepare for personal risks

Loss of your work input or that of a key employee would have a major impact on your company’s finances, and also on your personal finances if you have pledged your personal property as collateral for loans. You can, however, prepare for serious illness, disability caused by accident, and death. 

Protect your company against external risks

Interest rates have been exceptionally low for a long time. If they rise, your loan servicing costs can increase considerably. Interest rate hedging ensures that your loan servicing costs will be predictable in the long run.

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Protect your company against interest rate risks and make its finances more predictable

A rise in interest rates could make your company’s cash flow and profit more volatile while weakening business predictability. At worst, higher interest rates could endanger the profitability of your entire business.

Interest rate hedges enable you to manage your company’s interest rate risk and make loan servicing costs more predictable. For example, you can agree on a fixed interest rate, or an interest rate ceiling or corridor.

Secure your loan repayments in case of serious illness

As an entrepreneur you should take a moment to think about how to repay your loans should something unexpected happen. Payment Protection Insurance on Corporate Loans allows you to prepare for an unexpected serious illness, permanent handicap caused by an accident, or death. The insurance pays off the remaining loan as a lump-sum compensation.

You can take out Payment Protection Insurance on Corporate Loans for 1–4 people, i.e. for employees of the company in addition to yourself. You can insure a new or existing loan for up to seven years. The maximum insurable amount is 200,000 euros.

Protect the personal finances of your company's key employees if they unexpectedly fall seriously ill or are injured

You can protect the personal finances of your company's key employees if they unexpectedly fall seriously ill or are injured. You can choose the amount of benefit according to the needs of your company or your employees and use the lump-sum benefit for treatment, hiring a replacement or paying of the loan, depending on your choice.

Hedge against exchange rate changes

In international trade, exchange rate changes may have big effects on your company's finances. With OP's extensive range of foreign exchange trading services, you will make international trade smooth and manage currency risks.

Expand your company’s financial leeway by saving and investing

You can increase your company’s leeway in case of unexpected expenditure or purchases by starting to save and invest, in addition to repaying your loan. This would also expand your company’s balance sheet. Discover the best solutions for cash management and profitable investment of your surplus both in the long and short term.

Payment protection insurance on corporate loans, critical illness insurance, is granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Cover for permanent disability or death caused by an accident is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Interest rate hedging is provided by OP Corporate Bank plc. Investment services are produced by OP cooperative banks.