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Safe work environment requires consideration of a number of issues

The work environment involves multiple factors that have to be controlled. Poor Disorder and untidiness, for example, often cause slipping and tripping. When things are where they should be and the floors are clean at your company, you can avoid many unnecessary accidents.

What kinds of things burden your employees?

Pay attention to, for example, the adjustability of workstations, appropriate tools and the possibility to take breaks from work to reduce the physical load. In addition to the physical load, it is also important to pay attention to the psychosocial load caused by, for example, doing several tasks at the same time, the feeling of being in a rush, poor organisation of work and threat of violence. Take action to reduce both the physical and mental load so your employees stay healthy and work as efficient as possible.

How safe is the work environment of your company?

Workplaces have a number of different adverse factors that may predispose employees to occupational accidents or diseases. In order to provide as safe a work environment as possible for your employees, remember to consider at least the following:

  • Order and tidiness
  • Ergonomics of work and tools
  • Safety with machines and chemicals
  • Physical and biological factors
  • Threat of violence
  • Internal traffic
  • Fall protection

In planning work and workload, take into account your employees’ physical and mental capacity and wellbeing. This facilitates managing and coping with the workload.