Car Leasing – worry-free alternative to car ownership

Car leasing means renting a car for a longer period of time. Car leasing has steadily grown in popularity with both private individuals and businesses because it offers a flexible and worry-free alternative to owning a car.

In addition to the purchase price, car ownership involves a great deal of other expenses from insurance to servicing, tyres and tyre storage. The total bill for these may be surprisingly high and often impossible to calculate at the time of buying the car. 

OP Leasing Plus is an easy and risk-free solution for company cars. Thanks to the fixed monthly lease, your company's cash flow is predictable and the car does not strain the balance sheet. The selected lease car will also serve as collateral.

OP Car Leasing is also available to private individuals. With private leasing, you can upgrade to a new car regularly and do not need to worry about down payments, resale value or the trade-in value of the used car. All you need to do is return the car after the lease term.

Car leasing for company

We offer a number of different contract options for company car leasing; the leasing price varies depending on the selected car as well as on any additional services included in the lease. 

In the most comprehensive option, the monthly price covers all fixed costs related to the car’s use, including servicing, insurance, repairs and tyres. All the user needs to pay is the fuel for the leasing car. We also offer more flexible solutions in which the customer is liable for some of the car’s expenses. 

The advantages of car leasing are stable costs and predictability. No matter which leasing solution you choose, obtaining cars through a leasing agreement helps keep your budget balanced and frees up the company’s funds for other business needs. With car leasing, the variable costs of owning a car become fixed costs. 

OP Car Leasing – flexible and personalised solutions

OP’s dealership partners help our customers choose a leasing solution that is as cost-effective as possible and meets the customer’s needs. 

Our leasing products to companies include the flexible OP Finance Lease agreement or our turnkey maintenance lease OP Leasing Plus. In turn, OP Car Leasing is suitable for both businesses and private individuals.


Finance Lease

Leasing Plus

Car Leasing

For whom?

For companies

For companies

For consumers and companies

Does it include extra services?

No Includes regular maintenance, replacement car, tyre replacements and summer/winter tyres and vehicle inspection The customer can select extra services depending on the service provider

Does it include insurance?

The customer can select OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing (incl. motor liability and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance) The customer can select OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing (incl. motor liability and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance)
The customer can select OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing (incl. motor liability and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance)


No mileage limit Agreed mileage Agreed mileage

After the lease period


The customer finds a new buyer for the car or agrees on an extension to the lease The car is returned The car is returned


OP Finance Lease – flexible solution for companies

Finance Lease is suitable for businesses that want to handle servicing themselves and need unlimited mileage. The car can be selected from a wide range of available makes and models across Finland.

OP buys the vehicles as agreed between the customer and dealership and leases it to the customer with a finance lease agreement. The lease term can be set flexibly at 24 to 60 months, and the lease is billed monthly. The monthly lease depends on the car’s purchase price, lease term and residual value. 

The residual value is determined in advance on the basis of the vehicles’ estimated market value at the end of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the customer can renew the lease or find a buyer for the car. If the leasing car's selling price is higher than the agreed residual value, the difference will be refunded to the customer. In the opposite case, the customer must pay OP for the difference. 

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OP Leasing plus – full-service solution for companies

OP Leasing plus is ideal for businesses that want a hassle-free company car solution. A single monthly bill covers almost all of the associated costs, and you need never worry about the vehicles depreciating in value. The suitable car can be selected from a wide range of available makes and models across Finland.

OP buys the car as agreed between the customer and dealership and leases it to your customer with a lease agreement. The lease agreement agrees on a mileage limit and any included extra services, such as servicing, the availability of replacement cars, tyre changes, repairs and inspections. 

As with the finance lease, the lease term may be from 24 to 60 months with a fixed monthly charge. When the lease ends, the car is returned to the service provider.

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OP Car Leasing – worry-free solution for companies and private individuals

OP Car Leasing is available for both private customers as well as companies. In OP Car Leasing, the customer leases a new car with a suitable lease term, mileage limit and extra services. The lease term is typically 24 to 48 months, and the mileage limit is set according to the customer’s needs. The mileage limit can be adjusted during the lease if necessary. 

The customer can also opt for extra services offered by the dealership. OP Car Leasing is offered through selected dealerships, often under the dealership’s own brand. If the customer turns in a used car, its value can be credited on the first monthly bill.

Don’t forget car financing for companies

If you do not wish to tie up your company's assets to ownership, we recommend leasing a car for a specific period. 

However, if you want to own the car after paying it off, you can buy the car with a hire purchase agreement. With hire purchase financing for companies, the company owns the car after the hire purchase agreement expires. 

Our lease and hire purchase solutions differ from each other in the impact the selected car will have on your company's balance sheet and income statement. In leasing, the car is an off-balance-sheet item and the leases are included in expenses in the income statement. In hire purchase, the car is included in the balance sheet and you can make depreciations in the normal fashion, even though title to the car is not transferred to your company until after the expiry of the contract.

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Use your insurance benefits – OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing

Our car leasing customers can choose OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing as the insurance solution. It includes motor liability and motor vehicle insurance for passenger cars and vans up to 15 years old. Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing is suitable for privately used passenger cars and vans of both private individuals and businesses.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing comes into force at the same time as the financing agreement and the insurance premiums are paid as part of OP’s monthly car financing payments. In other words, you pay both financing and insurance on a single bill.

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I have access to investment or lease financing – where can I see my financing information?

If you have access to investment or lease financing, you can see your financing information on OP's online financing service (in Finnish). You can log into the service with your personal online banking user identifiers issued by any Finnish bank or with a Mobile ID.