Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.

Motor vehicle insurance for businesses

Insurance for all your company cars and other vehicles

Insurance tailored for your company vehicles

We can provide insurance products suited to your needs for passenger cars, taxis, vans or any other company vehicles. We can help you choose the best motor vehicle insurance for your business.

Green Card conveniently online

When you have motor liability insurance with Pohjola Insurance, you can easily print out a Green Card for your vehicle from eInsurance Services.

Instant help in case of accident

Find instructions on what to do in case of a loss and our nearest repair shop partners in Pohjola Claim Help. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in Turku, Tampere and Oulu, you are assisted by our partners’ Pohjola Repair Advisors, who will repair your car and file the loss report for you.

Corporate motor vehicle insurance – Be prepared for unexpected events with a mandatory motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

Road accidents and rear-end collisions occur every day, sometimes causing personal injuries and claiming lives. We provide the statutory motor liability insurance and optional comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your company’s cars, vans, lorries and any other vehicles.

Motor liability insurance compensates personal injuries caused by road accidents, and also the innocent party’s losses. You can prepare against losses with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which compensates losses to vehicles caused by the driver, or when the cause is unclear.

Motor vehicle insurance can be used, among others, to insure your company’s
  • cars, van and lorries
  • trailers and towed equipment
  • snowmobiles and quad bikes
  • working machines
  • other motor vehicles.

What does corporate motor vehicle insurance include?

We offer the following insurance covers for passenger cars and vans:

Valitse palvelutaso (1/4)

Super­ motor insurance Maxi motor insurance Medium motor insurance Motor liability insurance
Motor liability insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä
Theft insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Fire insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Animal Insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Legal expenses insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Emergency road service insurance* Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Vandalism insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Motor vehicle (own) damage insurance Kyllä Kyllä Ei Ei
Consequential loss insurance Kyllä Ei Ei Ei

*Some motor vehicle insurance covers and supplementary covers, such as emergency road service insurance, end automatically when the vehicle reaches the age specified in the insurance terms and conditions. 

You can include these supplementary insurance covers in the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of your choice for an additional premium:

Valitse vakuutus (1/3)

Super­ motor insurance Maxi motor insurance Medium motor insurance
Windscreen insurance Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä*
Financial insurance Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Consequential loss insurance Kyllä Kyllä Ei
Fraud insurance Ei Kyllä Ei
Tow insurance for trucks and buses Ei Kyllä Kyllä


*Windscreen insurance may not be included in the Medium Motor Insurance of a bus.

Easy and carefree umbrella agreement for companies with multiple motor vehicle insurance policies

If your company has several motor vehicle insurance policies, an umbrella agreement may be the easiest and cheapest way to keep them all up to date. An umbrella agreement means that we take care of maintaining the insurance coverage for your company vehicles.

We may agree, for example, on the extent of coverage or automatic coverage changes as the vehicles become older. The agreement results in predictable premiums and flexible payment arrangements according to your company's wishes. 

Every year, one vehicle out of ten has an accident, and in commercial transport one out of five. With an umbrella agreement you can ensure that your motor vehicle insurance policies will always be valid.

Petri Linna Product Specialist, Pohjola Insurance

Take out comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your company vehicle and select the corporate vehicle insurance cover according to your needs

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is a voluntary insurance policy for your company vehicle. We compensate losses to your company vehicles according to the coverage you have chosen.

Maxi Motor Insurance covers all collisions and also includes all Medium Motor Insurance coverage. Medium Motor Insurance covers fire, animal, vandalism, theft, and legal expenses losses and towing expenses, for example. For company passenger cars in private use, you can also choose Super Motor Insurance, which provides the most comprehensive coverage for company cars. The insurance also compensates for non-use days.

We will tailor comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to your company’s needs. Additional coverage under the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of company vehicles includes compensation for glass breakage, days of non-use or loss caused by fraud related to a rental vehicle.

Insurance for dealerships 

Businesses engaged in vehicle trade can be issued the motor liability insurance required by the Motor Liability Insurance Act as a collective policy when the share of vehicle trade exceeds 50% of the company's turnover. 

Insurance products for dealerships include collective motor liability insurance and Maxi and Medium Motor Insurance for dealerships.  Maxi Motor Insurance for dealerships includes cover against motor vehicle (own) damage, fire, theft, vandalism, animal damage, legal expenses insurance, refund cover, financial insurance and emergency road service insurance for passenger cars, vans, campervans and motorcycles.  Medium Motor Insurance for dealerships includes cover against fire, theft and vandalism, and legal expenses insurance. 

We will gladly go over your insurance needs with you and help you choose a suitable motor vehicle insurance for your company. Leave your contact information using the offer request form below, and we will get in touch.

Compensation issues for road accidents occurring abroad are usually resolved under the local regulations. This means that the compensation amounts and practices may be insufficient. We recommend that both the driver and the passengers have sufficient travel insurance.

If you are travelling outside the Nordic countries, you should always take along a Green Card, which proves that you have a valid motor liability insurance policy. The countries where it is valid are listed on the Green Card.

Order a Green Card

Before you start off, you should check the company vehicle's theft cover validity and deductibles. Any losses to your vehicle  outside the Nordic countries carries a double deductible.

In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova, theft cover for cars and motorcycles is only valid if a separate agreement has been made about it. If such an agreement  is valid and a passenger car or motorcycle is stolen in one of the countries listed above, the deductible is 20% of the loss amount (but no less than EUR 600).

If your passenger car or motorcycle is stolen in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland, the deductible is 20% of the loss but no less than EUR 600.

In the op.fi service, you can easily and safely manage all of your company's insurance transactions. The service allows you to, for example

  • report a loss and see how your loss report is processed
  • print out certificates of insurance
  • order a Green Card for company vehicles

How to activate the Internet Service:

  • Sign the Agreement for Digital Transactions and name the administrators.
  • Administrators can add other users and their access rights to the service.


Mies ajaa taksia asiakas kyydissään tyytyväisenä siitä, että hänellä on taksivakuutus turvanaan.
Taxi insurance
Insurance for your taxi with the coverage you need.
Nainen selaa tietokonetta hymyillen, sillä hänellä on työtapaturmavakuutus turvanaan.
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
Nainen selaa kannettavalla tietokoneellaan tietoja tilanteista, joissa vastuuvakuutus on hyödyksi.
Liability insurance
Business liability insurance covers your company in case of indemnification liabilities.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.