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Workers’ compensation insurance

Pohjola Occupational accident and occupational disease insurance covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.

High-quality treatment and fast recovery

Pohjola Hospital and our other medical partners help us to ensure a high standard of treatment and a fast recovery for workers together with their employer and occupational health care provider.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a statutory insurance

All employees, whether in an employment or public service relationship and, by and large, partners and shareholders working for your company are covered on an obligatory basis by Occupational accidents and diseases insurance.

Pohjola’s Health Advisor at your service

If an accident occurs, your employee can call Pohjola’s Health Advisor who will assess their symptoms and refer them to the correct medical professional. Please call us or use the application’s chat feature.

Additional benefits from free services

When you take out workers’ compensation insurance from us, your employees are given A Digital insurance card and access to our Pohjola Risk Management Service.

Our workers’ compensation insurance gives your employees statutory protection

Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of statutory insurance that protects employees in the event of accidents or occupational diseases. As an employer, you need to take out insurance for any employees whose wages exceed EUR 1,300 per year. Employers’ duty to take out insurance is based on the Workers’ Compensation Act. The employees' group life insurance is administered together with the workers' compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of mandatory insurance for the time spent at work, which protects your employees and their families. In addition to medical treatment expenses, the policy pays out, for example, a per-diem allowance for the period of disability and, in the case of permanent disability, a disability pension.

Being injured at work or getting an occupational disease can lower your employee’s ability to work. Our insurance guarantees the best possible treatment for your employee through Pohjola Hospital or our other medical partners. We help your employee to get better and return to work with the aim of minimising the costs incurred by your business.

Please note that, in the context of telecommuting, our workers’ compensation insurance only covers work-related activities, and any accidents that occur during breaks or while eating are not covered.

Extend your statutory insurance cover and improve your staff’s well-being at work

The majority of workers’ sick days are due to illness or injuries sustained outside of work. In order to ensure the fastest recovery time for your employees who are injured in their spare time, it is worth taking out additional leisure-time accident insurance cover.

You can extend your work-time insurance cover to your employees’ spare time by choosing from three different levels of protection:

  • Our most extensive leisure-time accident insurance policy covers almost all activities outside of work, including sports and international travel.
  • Our limited leisure-time accident insurance policy does not cover injuries sustained in connection with the more high-risk sports, such as football or snowboarding.
  • Our non-competitive sports insurance for leisure time only covers injuries sustained in the course of non-competitive sporting events sponsored by the employer.

Alternatively, you can take out Group accident insurance to cover your staff outside of work.

To protect against illness, we recommend that you take our Health insurance, which covers, for example, expenses incurred from tests and the treatment of illnesses. You can choose the most suitable package for your staff from our range of options.


Our voluntary insurance policies help you to increase your staff’s well-being and job satisfaction. If you would like to find out more, contact our specialists who are happy to help!

Digital insurance services at your disposal

Pohjola Insurance provides you with various digital services that make it easier for you to manage your insurance transactions and make your work smoother. Learn more below and be sure to also check out our free digital services for companies!

Pohjola Health Advisor at your disposal

Pohjola Health Advisor

Health advice on chat and by phone
Pohjola Health Advisor offers mobile health advice! The application and telephone service are available without charge when you have taken out staff insurance policies with Pohjola Insurance. Get a fast expert opinion on your symptoms and instructions for self-care, or a referral to suitable medical care.
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Pohjola Digital insurance card

Digital insurance card

Employees have fast access to insurance information and instructions
If an employee falls ill or is injured, the insurance card advises on what is covered by the employer’s insurance and where they should seek treatment. By presenting the card when coming in for treatment, medical expenses are charged from insurance.
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Take advantage of the benefits we offer and ensure a safe working environment for your staff

Every injury, accident and non-conformance causes additional expenses and disruptions. Investing in day-to-day workplace management and learning from mistakes saves money and ensures safe working conditions.

As an occupational accident and occupational disease insurance policyholder, you get free access to the Pohjola Risk Management Service for your entire staff. The Risk Management Service is a handy, digital risk management tool that, if used consistently, improves occupational safety, efficiency and the sharing of information.

As an Pohjola Insurance policyholder, you also get access to  Digital insurance card that provides your employees with information about their personal insurance cover and what to do in the event of an injury or illness. 

How is the premium for workers' compensation insurance determined?

The price for statutory workers’ compensation insurance will be determined mainly on the basis of the total payroll and the employees’ job titles. The total payroll is used to measure the amount of work, and the job titles describe the risk of occupational accidents and diseases in that work. For example, work in an office environment involves a much smaller risk of accidents than work at a building site.

The price of workers' compensation insurance is determined individually for each company on the basis of the policyholder’s details. In small companies, the policyholder’s own accidents will have no direct effect on the premium because the occupational risk used in calculating the premium is based on national claims statistics. In other types of companies, the company’s own claims statistics will be taken into account in determining the premium.

For more detailed price information on workers’ compensation insurance for your company, ask for an offer and our experts will contact you!

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Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
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Self-employed persons’ accident insurance
Comprehensive cover for medical treatment expenses and income protection in the event of an injury.
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Group accident insurance
Protect your staff in the event of injuries sustained outside of work.
All employees, whether in an employment or public service relationship and, by and large, partners and shareholders working for your company are covered on an obligatory basis by Occupational accidents and diseases insurance.
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Insuring an entrepreneur and family member

If you are an entrepreneur, you are not required by law to take out an Occupational accidents and diseases insurance policy. If you have an entrepreneur's pension insurance, you can insure your operations with a Self-employed person's accident insurance.

Read more about a Self-employed person's accident insurance (link)

A family member living with you and working as an employee in your company is covered by the statutory Occupational accidents and diseases insurance. If he/she is not in an employment relationship, he/she can take out a Health Insurance meant for a private individual.

Certain educational institutions have a duty to take out accident insurance for their students even though the students are not their employees. Almost all training programmes that are based on education laws these days include on-the-job training. Under the Student Accident Act, compensation is payable for injuries or illnesses resulting from accidents that occur during

  • vocational training, with the exception of activities that are closely linked to teaching as defined by the act (e.g. theory lessons, breaks)
  • vocational adult education
  • university of applied sciences education
  • university education
  • comprehensive school education, excluding preschool education, preparatory education for comprehensive school education and years 1–6
  • upper secondary school education.


The insurance pays out in the event of accidents or occupational diseases that occur in circumstances typical of the course as described in the syllabus or course outline while a student is performing

  • practical training comparable to work
  • skills tests
  • on-the-job training
  • internships
  • work experience (comprehensive school).


The insurance also covers accidents that occur during the journey between the educational institution or a student’s home and the location of their internship, on-the-job training, work experience or skills test. Normal trips to and from school are not covered by the policy.
Supplement your occupational accident report with the identifier you received.

Workers’ compensation insurance claims are paid on the basis of the Workers’ Compensation Act. The most common types of expenses covered by workers’ compensation insurance are

  • medical treatment expenses and costs of diagnostic tests
  • travel expenses relating to medical treatment
  • per-diem allowances for the period of disability
  • disability pensions in the event of a permanent disability
  • handicap benefits in the event of a permanent injury
  • rehabilitation expenses
  • survivors’ pensions.

You can find out more in our workers’ compensation insurance product guide.

The insurer is either Pohjola Insurance or A-Insurance Ltd. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.