Mies allekirjoittaa asiakirjoja sähköisesti.

Electronic Signature Service

Sign documents electronically on OP’s Electronic Signature Service.

Sign documents without visiting a bank branch

You can sign documents electronically on OP’s Electronic Signature Service. Signing is convenient as you can do it whenever you want, without visiting a bank branch. Your bank will send you an email or SMS when you have documents to be signed in the service. 

What to do

You can log into the service with the private customer’s user identifiers for OP eServices or with the online user identifiers of another Finnish bank. Note that you cannot use the service with the user identifiers for Corporate eServices.

  • Log into the service at allekirjoitus.op.fi.
  • Select the document delivery to be signed and read the documents with their appendices.
  • Accept the document. 
  • If you do not accept the document, select “I do not accept the documents” and enter your reason for this in the text field.
  • Log out.

Safety first

Always ensure that you are on the right service before you enter your user identifiers. The address for the right OP signature service is allekirjoitus.op.fi. The service is protected with the HTTPS connection. For security reasons, the address will not be sent to you as a link and you must type it to the address bar yourself.