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Shopping and cash abroad – conveniently with a card

Are you planning a journey abroad? Did you know that the card is more comfortable and safer than cash for paying for purchases overseas?


10 tips for planning your travel

Thinking about a beach holiday or a city tour? Read tips that ease travel planning.


OP Kulku lowers the threshold for using an electric car

OP Kulku offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to use an electric car with a monthly fee, without having to worry about ownership matters, putting in a major initial investment or trying to guess any value reduction of the vehicle. The agreement can be made for a minimum period of two years.

Banking and insurance affairs of a deceased person's estate

When a loved one dies, responsibility for managing his/her property will transfer to relatives. We will be pleased to help you when you grieve over the death of your loved one and to make the deceased person's estate banking and insurance affairs as smooth as possible.

The birth of a child

Opening an account and saving for a child

How can I open an account for my child and what would be the most reasonable way of saving for a child’s future?


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Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. We want to help make your day just what you have always dreamed of, so we put together a list of things that you should take into account when you start planning your wedding and begin your marriage.