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Cash management

Improve your company’s payment transfers and management of finances

Cash management is the key to success

Effective cash management secures your company’s competitiveness now and in the future. OP offers flexible, modern cash management services for the needs of companies of all sizes.

With cash management services, you can easily take care of your company’s payment transfers, monitor finances and invest cash profitably. The services can be customised to the needs of companies of all sizes.

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Easy, flexible cash management

With OP’s cash management services, you can manage your company’s finances more easily and also make your everyday life easier.

Better return for your company’s cash

Make your company’s cash grow easily and automatically using investment based cash management.

Broad international cash management services

We offer effective, secure cash management around the world. OP offers you payment transfer solutions for your company's demanding international cash management needs.

Improve your cash management with OP

Effective cash management is important for companies of all sizes. Cash management helps your company succeed and ensures that it has enough money at all times. 

OP’s cash management services offer your company an easy, flexible way of taking care of payment transfers, monitoring finances and investing funds. Whether your company is big or small, we have exactly the right solutions to your cash management needs.

Choose the service according to your company's needs

Cash management service – for your company’s cash management and monitoring its finances

OP's cash management service helps your company in cash management and in comprehensive financial monitoring. The service enables you to monitor account transactions and make payments to anywhere in the world. OP Corporate Hub makes life easier for financial professionals in different-sized companies.

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Investment based cash management – when your company has extra capital

Investment based cash management allocates your company's extra funds automatically to an investment that generates a better return. The service ensures your company's liquidity and allows your company's funds to grow. The free service guides you to choose an extensively diversified investment portfolio for your company's funds at a suitable risk level.

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International cash management – for companies with overseas operations

International cash management offers comprehensive cross-border payment solutions for your company's demanding needs. The services ensure smooth and fast payments to anywhere in the world.

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OP’s comprehensive cash management services

OP’s cash management services offer comprehensive opportunities for cash management according to your company’s needs. Cash management services include:

  • monitoring the company’s account information and transactions
  • SEPA, urgent and international payments to anywhere in the world
  • printing and searching for bank statements over a selected period
  • management of cash pool accounts
  • investment based cash management

Safe cash management

OP's cash management service enables you to monitor account transactions and make payments to anywhere in the world. As service user, your company can do transactions online on a real-time basis or do them beforehand, in which case they will be executed automatically on a desired date and at the desired time. The service is secure because data communications between the service and the bank are encrypted. Account and transaction data can only be viewed by persons you have authorised for the use of the service. 

When you select OP as your company’s cash management partner, you help your company succeed today and in the future. Together we can make cash management smooth and easy and also address the changing needs of the future.

OP’s cash management service is available at https://kassanhallintapalvelu.op.fi.