OP Corporate Hub

Manage your corporate finances. Gain a clearer overview of your company’s payment transfers.

One tool for comprehensive and professional financial management

OP Corporate Hub makes life easier for financial professionals, regardless of the size of their company. The service can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s finances and cash flow.

Follow and manage all domestic and international payments in real time

Monitor all your company’s accounts and payment transfers in real time. With this service, it is easy to switch funds between your company’s accounts and make payments in Finland, the Single Euro Payments Area and beyond – from accounts held with OP and other banks.

Enhancing routines, saving time and preventing errors

OP Corporate Hub provides a clear overview of your company’s account transactions. You can filter views and add account transactions according to need. For example, you can find out any unclear payments with a few clicks.

Secure payment

The service will provide your company with multiple ways of managing payments securely but smoothly. It is also possible to confirm payments based on dual confirmation.

What is OP Corporate Hub?

OP Corporate Hub is a digital financial management service that makes life easier for the financial professionals of different-sized companies and meets the high requirements of professionals.

  • OP Corporate Hub provides you with an overview of your company’s cash flow and financial monitoring.
  • The service enables you to manage your company’s payments, as well as monitor accounts, transactions and the overview of your company’s finances. 
  • You can find all your company’s financial matters in one location, which makes planning your company’s finances easier. 
  • Easy to use, OP Corporate Hub also gives you the opportunity to comprehensively manage your company’s finances in accordance with your business needs.

Interested? This is how to start using OP Corporate Hub

Leave a contact request or activate the service with the contact person at your bank. You can designate an administrator to add and manage access rights while activating the service.

OP Corporate Hub provides a clearer view of payments than reference lists, for example. If you need to see who paid what, it gives you the extra details.

Anu Account ledger team leader