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OP Corporate Hub

Easier financial management in real time, whatever your line of business.

One tool for comprehensive and professional management of payments

• Multi-bank view that gives you an overview of your company's accounts, even across banks
• Monitoring of balance development
• Real-time monitoring and management of payments.

Safety and security for payments

• Payment approval process with a two-person rule 
• International payment tracking
• Viewing approval chains in the payment archive
• See who has been granted access rights.

Enhancing routines, saving time and preventing errors

• Effortless payment refund
• Versatile transaction search for easier investigations
• Easy download of bank statements and account ownership certificates.

What is OP Corporate Hub and what is it used for?

OP Corporate Hub is a digital financial management service that makes life easier for the financial professionals of different-sized companies and meets the high requirements of professionals.

  • OP Corporate Hub provides you with an overview of your company’s cash flow and financial monitoring.
  • The service enables you to manage your company’s payments, as well as monitor accounts, transactions and the overview of your company’s finances. 
  • You can find all your company’s financial matters in one location, which makes planning your company’s finances easier. 
  • Easy to use, OP Corporate Hub also gives you the opportunity to comprehensively manage your company’s finances in accordance with your business needs.

Interested? This is how to start using OP Corporate Hub

Leave a contact request or activate the service with the contact person at your bank. You can designate an administrator to add and manage access rights while activating the service.



OP Corporate Hub provides a clearer view of payments than reference lists, for example. If you need to see who paid what, it gives you the extra details.

Anu Account ledger team leader