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Become OP's customer

Would you like to switch banks or become our customer? Read more about why it’s worth banking with us and apply easily online.

If you want a stable and responsible provider of banking services, become our customer. We have provided services to people in Finland for almost 120 years. Local OP cooperative banks are owned by their customers – if you decide to switch your banking to us, it pays to become an owner-customer.

Why choose OP

As our customer, you will get banking, financing, real estate agency, insurance and investment services under one and the same roof. If you also become an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you will get discounts on banking and insurance services as well as OP bonuses which only owner-customers can earn. OP bonuses will be automatically used to cover, for example, banking service charges and insurance bills.

Read more about owner-customer benefits

How to switch your banking to OP

If you are a Finnish citizen of at least 18 years of age, have a permanent address in Finland and a good credit history, fill in an application online. After approval of your application, you will get a current account and an OP user ID. After this, you can apply for a card and become an owner-customer. A current account is free of charge for owner-customers. For other customers, a monthly charge of 2 euros applies. The charge for an OP user ID is 3 euros a month at most.

After you have become a customer of OP, you can switch your banking from your current bank to us electronically. To do this, you will need details on your current banking services.

Would you like to switch your loan to OP?

Start by filling in a home loan application. We can also put any consumer credit matters in order at the same time.  Learn more about loans.

What if I can’t apply for customer relationship online?

If you can’t apply for customer relationship online, contact us and book an appointment at a branch.

For more information on how we process personal data, see the Privacy Notice in OP Financial Group cooperative bank’s customer data file.

See our Privacy Notice

The steps to becoming a customer

  • Fill in the application online. To fill in the application, you will need around 15 minutes of time, your online user ID for the other bank, and a telephone on which you can receive SMSes.
  • You will receive an SMS on the approval of your application within two working days.
  • Once your application is approved, we will send you a key code list by post and store the related agreements on the op.fi service.
  • You will receive an OP user ID after approval of your application. To log into OP’s services, you will need both a key code list and an OP user ID.