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My financial balance

Understand your finances

How much do you spend on necessities in a month, how much on fun? Any money left over for savings? The My financial balance tool helps you get a clear picture of your income and expenses.

Take control of your spending

Monitor your spending and you will have a good grasp of your finances. If needed, you can change your spending habits how you like.

Start using on OP-mobile

My financial balance is a tool that is always with you on your phone. You can use it for free.

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Healthy finances: keep your spending in balance

A rule of thumb for healthy personal finances is that you should spend a maximum of 50% of your income on necessities (needs) and 30% on things that are useful or fun (wants). You can then put the remaining 20% aside. The financial balancing on OP-mobile is based on this allocation.

Your account transactions will be divided automatically into these three groups on the My Financial balance app, after which the transactions will also be sorted into more specific categories. If you go to the movies, for example, the purchase will be sorted into the main category, Wants. The purchase will then be sorted into Culture and entertainment, and then into the subcategory, Movies. All your account transactions will be added to a summary in My financial balance. There, you can view your income and expenses.

You can also edit the expense categories so that the My financial balance feature provides an accurate picture of your finances. If going to the movies is more of a leisure activity for you, you can move the expense to Hobbies, and then into a suitable subcategory.

Please note that this feature and its contents are indicative tools. At the end of the day, everyone bears responsibility for their own spending and finances. By using the My financial balance feature you have better chances of managing your finances.

How to start using My financial balance

  1. Log into OP-mobile. If you don’t have OP-mobile yet, download it from your phone’s app store.
  2. On OP-mobile's homepage, select My financial balance.
  3. Read the instructions and move forward by selecting Continue until you’ve enabled the feature.
  4. After this, your account transactions will be categorised automatically on OP-mobile. You can change account transaction categories into more suitable ones in My financial balance and in account transactions.

Now you can easily keep track of your finances and follow how they develop!

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My financial balance service is provided by OP Retail Customers plc.