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What do you need to use the op.fi service

You can use op.fi with a computer, tablet or smartphone. For the best experience, we recommend using any of the most common web browsers.

1. OP’s user ID

If you’re our personal customer and want to do your banking online at the op.fi service, you need OP’s user ID. You can get them at an OP cooperative bank branch. Bring a valid passport or identity card with you. A driving licence is not accepted as proof of identity.

If you’re our corporate customer, you can use the op.fi service with an OP Corporate User ID. You also need to have a valid agreement for digital transactions. Read more about our digital services for corporate customers

If you have another bank’s online user ID, you can become our customer online and get OP User ID without visiting a branch. Read more.  

Download the OP-mobile app and get Mobile key too

Once you have OP's user ID, you can identify yourself with a username, password and key code list on our digital services. To make your use of services as easy as possible, enable OP-mobile and Mobile key on your smartphone or tablet. 

2. Computer, internet connection and mobile phone

When you have OP User ID and a key code list, you can log into op.fi. You can use the op.fi service with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Don’t go to op.fi through a search engine, but type the address (op.fi) directly on the browser’s address bar.

You also need a mobile phone that can receive SMSes. Your login and payments are verified by SMS, if necessary. Read more about OP-mobile or Learn more about Mobile key

3. Updated browser

It’s best to always use the latest browser version to ensure secure and smooth use of our services. We recommend that you always update your operating system and all applications of your computer, smartphone or tablet as soon as new updates are available. The easiest way to do it is to set automatic updates for at least your operating system and internet browser. Also enable cookies for op.fi.

Which browsers can I use with the op.fi service?

You can access the op.fi service with most common internet browsers. If you use a computer, we recommend one of these browsers or its newer version:

  • Microsoft Edge 122
  • Firefox 123
  • Google Chrome 122
  • Safari 17

On a smartphone or tablet, you can use these browsers:

  • Google Chrome Mobile 122
  • Mobile Safari 17

The number at the end of the browser name indicates the oldest version supported by op.fi.

What is my browser version?

You can check your browser version and set automatic updates for it in your browser. Often the version information is available in the browser toolbar, under Help or About. If not, check under Settings.

Updating your browser

If your browser isn’t updated automatically, find the latest version from the browser manufacturer’s website. Here are some links:

Download the latest version of Chrome here

Download the latest version of Firefox here

Download the latest version of Edge here

Download the latest version of Safari here

Other requirements

In order to be able to login to op.fi and use our banking and insurance services, you must enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser.