uusi op.fi mukautuu eri laitteille

What do you need to use OP eServices?

You can use op.fi with a computer, tablet or smartphone. The service works best with most commonly used web browsers when you enable cookies and JavaScript.

Using the op.fi service

You can use the op.fi service with all commonly used browsers. We recommend using the latest versions of supported browsers to ensure secure and smooth access.

Supported browsers:

  • Edge Chromium 81
  • Firefox 75
  • Google Chrome 81
  • Safari 13

Mobile browsers:

  • Google Chrome Mobile 81
  • Mobile Safari 13

Support does not apply to test and beta versions or to browser extensions.

Updating your operating system and browser

To ensure security, it is advisable that you keep your computer’s operating system, extensions and all software up-to-date. The simplest way to do this is to set up automatic updates for all software for which the option is available.

Set up automatic updates from your computer’s control panel or system settings.

  • Your computer will notify you when new updates are available.
  • If the update is not installed automatically, download and install it on your computer.

Updating your browser

  • You can check your browser version and subscribe to automatic updates in your browser settings. The information is usually found in your browser toolbar under About or Help.
  • If your computer has more than one browser, be sure to keep them all updated.

Other requirements

In order to be able to login to op.fi and use our banking and insurance services, you must enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser. You will also need a mobile phone with the capability to receive SMS messages. Your login and payments are verified by SMS if necessary.