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Easy way to do your banking

Banking and insurance services always with you

Do your most important banking and insurance transactions securely, anytime and anywhere, on our convenient OP-mobile app. Use it with your smartphone or tablet.

Understand your finances better with My financial balance on OP-mobile

Monitor your spending on My financial balance and you will have a good grasp of your finances. If needed, you can start changing your spending habits.

Confirm transactions conveniently with the Mobile key

The Mobile key (a PIN code you’ve selected) enables you tolog into OP-mobile and confirm transactions there conveniently.

Owner-customer benefits always with you

Awesome OP cooperative bank owner-customer benefits are conveniently available to you on OP-mobile.

On OP-mobile, it’s easy to do daily banking transactions anytime and anywhere

  • You can view your loans, pay and confirm bills, track your account balances and transfer money easily from one account to another. With the Siirto payment you can transfer money in real time, only by using a phone number.
  • You can track card transactions, edit the spending/withdrawal limits of your card in real time and, if you wish, increase the credit limit of your card.
  • With My financial balance, you can monitor your spending and have a good grasp of your finances.
  • Your most important insurance details are always in your pocket and, in case of loss or damage, you can file a claim with your mobile device in the OP Claim Help service.
  • You can trade in stocks, track your investments and read market news and equity research free of charge.
  • As an owner-customer, you can also easily find out how much OP bonus you’ve earned, and redeem owner-customer benefits conveniently.

Read more about owner-customer benefits

Easy to enable, use and update

To use OP-mobile, you need your OP eServices user IDs, a smart device and an internet connection. If you don’t have OP eServices user IDs yet, you’ll get them from an OP bank branch. Book an appointment at a bank branch. >

It’s easy to update OP-mobile. When you use OP-mobile, you’ll be notified automatically when there’s a new app version available. To update the app, tap on “Update”.

This is how you can enable OP-mobile:

  • Download OP-mobile for free from the app store of your smart device.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in with your OP eServices user IDs and enter a key code.
  • After that, active the Mobile key, which enables you to identify yourself and confirm payments on OP-mobile with a PIN code you’ve selected yourself.
  • Enable fingerprint or face login if your device supports this function. With this function, you’ll be able to log into the app.

To enable OP-mobile, you need the Mobile key. The Mobile key is a 4–8-digit PIN code you’ve selected yourself. You can use it for identification and confirmation without a key code list. The Mobile key enables you to confirm payments and transactions on OP’s mobile apps, and also some online card purchases. In the future, you can identify yourself with the Mobile key at, too, and in other services such as MyTax and Kela. You can also confirm online payments with it.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the OP-mobile and using it.