Siirto payment

Send money easily and securely, with just a phone number.

All you need is the payee’s phone number

To make the payment, you only need the payee’s phone number – you don’t have to know their account number.

Money moves from one account to another in a few seconds

The Siirto payment enables transfers of money in real time, regardless of the time or day, as long as the receiver's bank supports real time payments.

Safe to use

Siirto is a Finnish mobile payment system where all users are strongly identified. You always know with whom you exchange money.

Siirto already has over 1 million users in Finland

Over 1.2 million people in Finland already use Siirto payments. Join them and enable Siirto payments on OP-mobile!

Enable Siirto payments on OP-mobile

To enable Siirto payments, open OP-mobile and go to More. You don’t need to be of age – you only need to have online bank user identifiers and a smartphone.

How to enable Siirto payments

  1. Download OP-mobile on your smartphone. Log in using your OP user ID and the key code list.
  2. On OP-mobile, go to More.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Siirto payments and follow the app’s instructions.

Siirto payment is convenient in many situations

Siirto payments can be used for many purposes. You can pay your share of a group gift, transfer money to your spouse or child or pay a purchase on an online flea market with just a phone number. There’s no need to remember any account numbers. With the Siirto payment, you can send any amount up to 3,000 euros.

With Siirto, you can also pay in many online stores and apps. As OP’s customer, you can pay with Siirto in all online stores which offer Siirto or Pivo as a payment method. Online payment with Siirto is not only easy but also secure: you don’t need to give your payment card details or personal ID code to the online store.

Siirto also lets you make a donation to selected charities which currently include Red Nose Day, the Finnish Red Cross, Salvation Army and Hope ry. For detailed donation instructions, visit the charities’ websites.

What is Siirto?

Siirto is a Finnish mobile payment system that enables money transfers between customers from one bank to another. The payer doesn’t need the payee’s account number because the payment is delivered based on the payee’s phone number.
Siirto is available for customers of any bank and can be activated on Pivo, OP-mobile and Nordea’s Siirto application.

To whom can I send money with Siirto?

Siirto payments can be made and received by the customers of any bank who use a mobile app supporting Siirto (Pivo, OP-mobile or Nordea’s Siirto).

When will my payment reach the payee?

Siirto payments between OP and Nordea are delivered immediately – regardless of day or time. In other transactions, the money is delivered within 1-2 business days.

Is sending or receiving Siirto payments subject to a charge?

Sending and receiving Siirto payments is free of charge for our private customers.

How do I know whether a payee uses Siirto?

When you select the payee, the app you are using will check whether the payee has enabled Siirto payments.
Pivo: If the payee has not enabled Siirto payments but uses Pivo, Pivo will deliver the payment as a normal person-to-person payment. These payments will arrive in the payee’s bank account within 1–2 banking days. If the payee has not enabled Siirto or Pivo, Pivo will tell you this.
OP-mobile: If the payee has not enabled Siirto payments, OP-mobile will then give you the opportunity to send the person a request to enable Siirto.

How much can I pay via Siirto?

3000 euros during 24 hours or 30,000 euros during 12 months.

Which account is used for receiving and sending Siirto payments? Can I change the account?

You can decide which account will be used for both receiving and sending these payments.
Pivo: you can view and change the account in the Maksuvälineet (Means of payment) section.
OP-mobile: you can view and change the account in the menu More.

What do I need to make Siirto payments?

If you want to enable Siirto on Pivo or OP-mobile, you need:
  • a smartphone or tablet
  • online service user identifiers
  • a mobile phone number
  • a current account
Customers of any bank can use Siirto on Pivo.

Where can I view my Siirto payments?

Pivo: you can view all of your Pivo payments in Pivo’s payment history. To view your payment history, swipe to the right in Pivo’s main view or tap the list icon at the top of Pivo’s main view.
OP-mobile: you can view the Siirto payments in the menu More.

What is a payment request?

You can send a payment request to a person if you want them to pay you a particular amount.
Payment requests are sent from the same view as Siirto payments, but just select Request instead of Pay.
The recipient will receive a notification of your request, and you will see in your app when the recipient has approved your request.

Can I cancel a Siirto payment I have sent?

No, you can’t cancel Siirto payments.

What should I do if I lose my mobile phone?

It is not possible to make payments with Pivo or OP-mobile without logging in the application. Thus, it is not necessary to disable Siirto payments unless your OP user ID, your Mobile key PIN for OP-mobile or your Pivo access code have fallen into the wrong hands.
However, if you wish, you can disable Siirto payments and your OP user ID, please call OP Deactivation Service, tel. 0100 0555 (24/7).

Are you looking for information on Siirto payments on Pivo?

The Siirto service is enabled by Automatia and the Siirto payment is provided by OP Card Company Plc.