OP-mobiilista löydät monipuolisia omistaja-asiakkaan etuja.

Benefits by our partners - redeem benefits on OP-mobile!

Front row seats and other amazing benefits for OP cooperative bank owner-customers! As an owner-customer, you get access to nationwide benefits by our partners as well as local perks by your own OP cooperative bank. The front row benefits travel with you wherever you go and are easily available on OP-mobile. If you don’t yet have OP-mobile, download it first from an app store.

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Nationwide benefits by our partners

  • C More special deal

    As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get C More entertainment free for one month, after which the subscription continues at a 30% monthly discount at €9.05/month (normally €12.95).

    Learn more and redeem the benefit on OP-mobile

  • F-Secure TOTAL cyber security benefit

    Protect your computer and tablet with the F-Secure TOTAL security suite. You get the service at no cost for 6 months at no commitment, after which you continue the subscription at €49.90/year (normally €79.99).

    Learn more and redeem your F-Secure TOTAL data security benefit

  • OP Joukko-osto offers quality products at special owner-customer prices

    Our owner-customers’ own webshop, OP Joukko-osto, publishes new campaigns several times a year. In the OP Joukko-osto, a wide range of vendors sell well-known products and services at affordable owner-customer prices. The more buyers a product has, the lower its price.

    Read more about OP Joukko-osto

  • Ticket benefit to Live Nation concerts

    As an owner-customer, you are entitled to benefits when buying tickets to selected concerts arranged by Live Nation! Tickets for selected events become available for sale at pre-announced dates, and the ticket benefits can be redeemed on OP-mobile. You can purchase tickets at a reduced price and/or before they become publicly available, or to concerts that have already been sold out.

    Available ticket benefits vary depending on the event. For up-to-date information on benefits, visit OP-mobile.

  • Tempered glass offer at Fonum

    Protect your phone from impact and scratching with a tempered glass screen protector! As an owner-customer, you get a screen protector and installation at a reduced price of €15 (normally €24) at all Forum shops nationwide.

    Read more about benefits and how to redeem them on OP-mobile.

Redeem benefits easily on OP-mobile!


Benefits offered by our partners travel with you wherever you go and are easily available on OP-mobile.

1. If you still don’t have OP-mobile for your phone or tablet, get the app from the iOS or Android app store. Activate the app with your OP eServices user identifiers. If you have already downloaded OP-mobile for your phone or tablet, first log into OP-mobile.

2. Get started with the app or login with your OP eServices user identifiers.

3. On OP-mobile, go to the Other section, select Owner benefits and then select Benefits and events. Here you will find all the benefits offered by our partners.