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Mobile key

Enable the Mobile key on OP-mobile

Easier transactions with the Mobile key

With the Mobile key, you can confirm transactions on OP-mobile without a key code list.


Choose your PIN yourself

Use the Mobile key with a PIN you select yourself. The PIN consists of 4–8 numbers.


Secure and reliable

The Mobile key is always linked to your own device. The PIN you select can't be misused with other devices.

The Mobile key brings confirmation codes to your phone: confirm transactions on OP-mobile without a key code list

The Mobile key is a confirmation tool on OP-mobile. Use your Mobile key PIN on OP-mobile to confirm transactions which previously required the key code list. The Mobile key PIN is 4–8 numbers in length and you can choose it yourself. Using the Mobile key is secure because it is always linked to your own device. It can't be misused with any other devices. 

The Mobile key is part of OP-mobile, so you don't need to download a new app for it. OP-mobile will be updated, depending on your settings, either automatically or by downloading the latest app version from your app store. After update, OP-mobile will suggest enabling the Mobile key, which is easy with your key code list.

Mobile key - Help and FAQ

How can I start using the Mobile key?

Enable the Mobile key on OP-mobile: Log into OP-mobile and the app will suggest enabling the Mobile key. You only need your key code list and the mobile phone whose number is your number for further confirmation*.

You can enable the Mobile key later, too, under More.

*Your number for further confirmation means the mobile phone number you have added to your details at op.fi. The number is used, for instance, for SMS confirmation. To add your number, log into op.fi and select Oma profiili (My profile) > Turvallisuus (Security) > Lisävahvistus (Further confirmation).


Can I use the Mobile key on several devices?

You can have two different Mobile keys enabled at the same time. For example, one in your phone and one in a tablet. We recommend choosing two different PINs for your devices.


Is the Mobile key secure?

The Mobile key is always linked to a personal device and it is used with a PIN which you select and only you know. The PIN you selected can't be used with any other device than your own devices. If your phone is lost or stolen, misusing the Mobile key would be very hard. To be able to misuse it, the thief would need to have not only your Mobile key PIN but also your username and password for OP eServices as well as your phone's lock code or, if you use biometric authentication, your fingerprint or face.


Can I throw away the key code list?

Keep the key code list, because you'll still need it to enable the Mobile key and to make transactions in other channels than OP-mobile. 


My Mobile key PIN has fallen into the wrong hands

Change your Mobile key PIN yourself on OP-mobile. Alternatively, disable the Mobile key on OP-mobile, op.fi or by contacting a bank branch.


My phone is missing

You can remove the Mobile key from one device if you have another device that has OP-mobile. Alternatively, disable the Mobile key yourself by logging into op.fi or contact OP telephone service at 0100 0500 or a bank branch.