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Mobile key

The safest way to identify yourself

Enable the Mobile key today. It will gradually replace the key code list.

  • The Mobile key allows you to use OP’s mobile services conveniently without a key code list with a PIN you have selected or fingerprint or face recogniton login.
  • The Mobile key will gradually replace key code lists, so you must have it in the future.
  • The Mobile key will be gradually introduced as a confirmation tool for online card purchases during the fall 2019. See the instuctions for making the online payments.
  • The Mobile key functions in all smartphones. You don’t need a different app in addition to OP-mobile or OP Business mobile to use it.

How to enable or edit the Mobile key on OP-mobile or OP Business mobile

For enabling the Mobile key you’ll need your online service user identifiers, key code list and the mobile phone whose number is your number for further confirmation. .

If you don’t have online user identifiers yet, you’ll get them from an OP bank branch. Book an appointment at a bank branch.

I don't have OP-mobile
or OP Business mobile

I'm using OP-mobile
or OP Business mobile


How to authenticate yourself with the Mobile key when making online card purchases

  1. First make your purchases, then proceed to paying with the OP-Visa card.
  2. Select Maksa (Pay). This will take you to OP’s service for authentication.
  3. If you use the Mobile key, select that as the authentication method.
  4. Open OP-mobile on your phone. At this stage, you won’t receive a separate notification on your phone on opening the app.
  5. Confirm with Mobile key. If you’re already logged into OP-mobile, tap Money in the submenu, then select Confirm with Mobile key.
  6. On the app’s screen, check the card payment recipient and the amount you’re confirming. Confirm the transaction with the Mobile key PIN you’ve selected yourself and by tapping Confirm.
  7. You’ll get a notification of successful confirmation. Select Valmis (Ready).
  8. After the card transaction has been verified, you’ll receive confirmation of the payment.
  9. You’ll return to the merchant’s website and receive an order confirmation from the merchant.

Use the Mobile key and win prizes!

We’ll award Mobile key users with amazing prizes such as smartphones, travel gift vouchers or iPads each month. All Mobile key users who have filled in the ticket are eligible to take part in the prize draw.

See the prizes and participate in the draw >

Frequently asked questions about the Mobile key

What is the Mobile key? 
The Mobile key is an electronic identification means. You can use it for identifying yourself on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile, as well as for confirming payments and transactions on these apps. 

For the moment, you can use the Mobile key to identify yourself on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile. In the future, you will also be able to use it for identification on op.fi and other services (such as MyTax and Kela), as well as for confirming, say, card payments or online purchases. 

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use the Mobile key? 
Yes. The Mobile key works only on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile, which are separate apps you’ll have to install in your smartphone. You can get the apps from either App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), depending on your operating system. Your phone must also have an internet connection. 

Do I still need a key code list? 
Keep your key code list. You’ll need it to confirm your identity if for some reason you cannot use the Mobile key. You also need the key code list for op.fi and other online services, for example when taking care of tax matters on MyTax.