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Security on OP eServices

OP eServices’ security features have been designed to prevent cybercrime. Please read about the security features and learn how to use them.


Your connection to OP eServices is protected

OP eServices is protected with the HTTPS connection, which encrypts data sent across the network in such a way that no unauthorised party can see your confidential information. Browsers supported by OP eServices automatically use the TLS encryption that protects HTTPS traffic.

One-time key codes help to keep your money safe

Personal user identifiers for OP eServices consist of following three elements:

  • Username
  • Password
  • A changing key code
  • Mobile-key

OP eServices asks you to enter a key code from your key code list, one at a time and in random order. You will be required to enter a key code each time you log into the service or confirm bills, for example. This means that no-one has access to your money without a correct key code, username and password.

Further confirmation with an SMS message

When you are making payments or confirming eBills, we can send you an SMS message asking you to confirm the payment's details. This is a security feature providing protection against misuse of online identifiers and online crime. If you receive an SMS message, check that its details match the details of your original transaction. If the SMS message's details do not match your original transaction's details, do not enter a key code and do not confirm the payment on OP eServices.

The bank's SMS messages asking for further payment confirmation will always be sent from number +358 40 7118180 and signed by OP.

Set spending and withdrawal limits for your accounts and cards

Spending and withdrawal limits help you to protect your funds if your card or online user identifiers fall into the hands of an unauthorised person. You can set various limits on your accounts and cards, such as how much money you can withdraw from your account at a time or during 24 hours.

To verify that your connection is secure and that the related certificate is valid, check that:

  • The address on your browser's address bar begins with https://
  • The website's certificate has been issued to OP Financial Group (e.g. OP Osuuskunta)
  • The certificate contains OP’s domain name
  • The issuer/publisher of the certificate is Entrust, DigiCert or Symantec
  • The certificate is valid