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Security features of OP’s digital services

OP’s digital services have been designed to support easy and secure transactions. The security features connected to digital services have been developed to prevent cybercrime. When you are online, you will see some of these features while some are invisible.

Ensure that your connection is secure and check the certificate 

Always type the address of the digital service (such as in the address bar of your browser by yourself when logging in to the bank’s service. Do not click or tap links in emails or SMSes. And don’t log in to the the bank’s digital services from the results page of a search engine (such as Bing or Google).   

Check the address bar of the browser to make sure that you’re at the right address and that the address is protected. Click on the padlock in the address bar to view the digital certificate of the website. Check the following information:   

  • The website's certificate has been issued to OP Financial Group (such as OP Osuuskunta).   
  • On the genuine OP website, the address in the address bar and certificate is or In the OP Identity Provider Service, the address See the bottom of this page for a full list of addresses for services provided by OP. 
  • The certificate is valid.
  • The issuer/publisher of the certificate is Entrust.   

The example image is from a Edge browser on desktop (to view the certificate’s details, click Certificate):

Please note that the padlock icon and its content may differ, depending on your browser. 

Always check that the connection you’re using is encrypted and that you’re using the latest browser versions in order to ensure a secure and smooth use of services. 

See the list of supported browsers

OP’s digital services are protected with the HTTPS connection, which encrypts data sent across the network in such a way that no unauthorised party can see your confidential information. Supported browsers automatically use the TLS encryption that protects HTTPS traffic.

Also, take special care to ensure that the data security of the computers or other devices you use to access OP’s digital services is up to date.

You can log in to OP’s digital services securely with the user ID issued to you. Your user ID is personal. Never give or lend it to anyone else.

Below is a list of all services provided by OP that you can access with your user ID. 

  • Banking and insurance services for corporate customers (Corporate eServices)
  • Banking and insurance services for private customers (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • OP Accessible

  • OP's Electronic Signature Service

  • Vendor Service

  • Cash Management Service

  • Ordering a Corporate eServices user ID

  • OP Loan


  • OP Rahoitus

  • OP Smart Contracts

User identifiers enable you to authenticate yourself and make secure online payments. At the moment of authentication and payment, you will be transferred to an OP service. You can recognise it from the OP logo as well as the address and certificate on your browser’s address bar.

  • OP online payment: This service enables you to pay your purchases at a webshop from your bank account.

the address displayed in and payment confirmation is

  • OP Identity Service Broker and OP Identity Provider Service: These services enable you to authenticate yourself to a service provider’s service.,

  • OP Confirmation Service: This service enables you to authenticate yourself to services and confirm your card payments.

  • When you’re in an external provider’s service, this address opens and enables you to confirm payments directly from your account and confirm account information queries 


When you authenticate yourself with your personal user identifiers to our telephone service, you can manage your banking affairs by phone.

  • Private customer banking services 0100 0500
  • OP Corporate and Payment Services at 0100 05151

To use our apps for smartphones and tablets, you need to download them from your device’s app store. Before downloading, make sure that the app is published by OP (OP Osuuskunta or OP Ryhmä)


  • for Android 
  • for iPhone, iPad

OP Business mobile

  • for Android
  • for iPhone, iPad  

Pivo mobile wallet

  • for Android
  • for iPhone, iPad

Aside from the abovementioned OP services, you can use your credentials on such payment order and account information services that comply with the Payment Services Act.