Mies kirjautuu OP-mobiiliin Mobiiliavaimella

Mobile key

Handy and secure identification method that’s always at hand

Mobile key is an identification method that goes wherever you go.

You’ll find it in the OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use our digital services with Mobile key

You log in and confirm payments and transactions handily with Mobile key without a key code list.

You can also use Mobile key to identify yourself to other services and to confirm payments for your online purchases

You identify yourself to services quickly and securely with Mobile key, anywhere and anytime.

Download OP-mobile or OP Business mobile free of charge and enable Mobile key:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

How can I start using Mobile key?

To start using Mobile key, download the OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge. To enable Mobile key, you need an OP user ID, a password and a key code list.

Set a personal Mobile key PIN code when you log into OP-mobile or OP Business mobile for the first time. After this, you can carry out transactions with Mobile key on our and other services that require identification. You’ll find Mobile key on the mobile apps’ homepage.

To which services can I identify myself with Mobile key?

  • when calling our customer service
  • OP-mobile and OP Business mobile
  • op.fi service
  • other services, such as MyTax, Kela, schools’ joint application system and entrance exams.

I was sceptical about starting to use Mobile key because of data security. I still decided to enable Mobile key, and I’ve been very happy with it. I no longer need to stress about the key code list. It’s much smoother to log in and confirm payments on the op.fi service. For me, a high point was when I realised I could pay the fisheries management fee from the holiday cottage and go fishing right away even though I had forgotten my key code list at home.

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