OP's Mobile key

Identify yourself easily and securely

Mobile key is a personal identification method that only works on the smartphone or tablet on which you have enabled it

Mobile key is included in the OP-mobile app. With it, you can log into OP's digital services quickly, identify yourself when calling to our Customer Service and confirm payments. You can also use it to identify yourself when logging into public services, such as MyKanta or Kela.

You can enable Mobile key on OP-mobile if you have OP’s user ID

Mobile key works everywhere where you'd otherwise identify yourself with a key code list – also when you log into the op.fi service on your computer's web browser.

Mobile key is easy to use and secure

It only works on your own device. To confirm transactions with Mobile key, you enter the 4–8-digit PIN code that you set yourself when enabling Mobile key.

Download OP-mobile free of charge and enable Mobile key:

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How can I start using Mobile key?

To start using Mobile key, you need to have OP's user ID, which comprises a username, password and key code list. You can get the user ID either from a bank branch or by becoming our customer online. To get Mobile key, download the OP-mobile app to your smartphone or tablet, free of charge. Pohjola Insurance customers and holders of K-Plussa Maksuaika and OP Business Debit cards can use Mobile key even if they didn't have OP's user ID. 

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Also, children and young people can use OP-mobile and Mobile key for doing transactions. In addition to OP’s digital services, Mobile key can be used for, say, confirming card payments online. With the consent of their guardians, persons over 12 years of age can identify themselves in services requiring strong identification, such as Studyinfo, MyKanta and Kela. 

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How to start using Mobile key

  1. Download OP-mobile to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store (iPhone and iPad) or the Google Pay store (Android devices). 
  2. Install the app by following the instructions.
  3. Open the app and identify yourself with the OP user ID, meaning the username, password and key code list.
  4. Check that the phone number linked to your user ID is correct.
  5. Follow the app’s instructions for enabling Mobile key.

When you identify yourself for the first time on OP-mobile, you can set a personal Mobile key PIN code. 

After that, you can use Mobile key not only on OP’s digital services but also other services requiring strong identification. You'll find Mobile key by opening OP-mobile on your smart device.

You can enable OP-mobile and Mobile key also with your other device. Select this way when you're starting to use a new smart device and you already have OP-mobile and Mobile key on your other device. Instructions for changing a mobile 

Even if you mainly use Mobile key, keep your username, password and key code list for future use. You’ll need them if your device is lost or breaks down. We recommend that your memorise your username and password. Also, remember to tell us if the phone number linked to your user ID and used for further confirmation changes.

Additional information and more detailed instructions for Mobile key

If you need more detailed instructions, read the instructions for Mobile key on our website. 

Go to Mobile key instructions  

You can also look through the frequently asked questions about Mobile key in the FAQ section. 

FAQs on Mobile key