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Mobile key

Mobile key is an identification method, just like the key code list.

Mobile key is an identification method, just like the key code list.

Mobile key is an identification method with which you can log in and confirm payments and transactions on your personal device, using a PIN that you have selected yourself. You can also log into our mobile services with a fingerprint or face login.

Mobile key is a secure identification method

Mobile key is always with you and it can’t be copied. It’s a secure identification method that works in OP-mobile and OP Business mobile, in service, in various online services and in confirming payments and transactions.

Mobile key can be used in a wide range of services

In addition to OP-mobile and the service, you can use the Mobile key in other services too, such as MyTax and Kela, and for confirming online payments. You can also use the Mobile key to confirm most of your card payments for online purchases.

How to start using Mobile key

To start using Mobile key, you’ll need a phone or tablet, to which you can download OP’s free mobile app: OP-mobile or OP Business mobile. You’ll also need a username, password and the key code list for OP eServices. In addition, you need to provide a phone number for receiving further confirmation SMSes.

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  • Download OP-mobile or OP Business mobile to your phone or tablet from your app store. 
  • Log into the app with your OP eServices user ID.
  • The app checks whether your further confirmation phone number is correct.
  • Follow the app’s instructions on enabling Mobile key.

If you don’t have OP eServices user ID yet, you can get it from an OP cooperative bank branch.

Book an appointment at a bank branch

You can also order user identifiers for Corporate eServices via the online service. With these user identifiers, you can use the Mobile key on OP Business mobile. If you manage your company’s banking by using your personal private customer user ID, you can use the Mobile key on OP Business mobile or OP-mobile.

Order user ID for a Corporate eServices

Use the Mobile key and win prizes!

We’ll award Mobile key users with amazing prizes such as smartphones, travel gift vouchers or iPads each month. All Mobile key users who have filled in the ticket are eligible to take part in the prize draw.

How can I start using the Mobile key?

The Mobile key is enabled on OP-mobile. Log into OP-mobile and the app will then suggest enabling the Mobile key. You will only need your key code list and the mobile phone whose number you have added as your phone number for further confirmation*. You will also be able to enable the Mobile key later, by going to Benefits and tools.

*The number for further confirmation is the mobile phone number you have added to your details in the service. The number is used, for instance, for SMS confirmation. To add your number, go to Settings and management in the service.

Can the Mobile key be enabled in several devices?

You can have two different Mobile keys enabled at the same time. For example, one in your phone and one in a tablet.

Is the Mobile key secure?

The Mobile key is always linked to a personal device and it is used with a PIN which you select and only you know.

Can I throw away the key code list?

Keep the key code list, because you will still need it to enable the Mobile key and to make transactions in other channels.

My Mobile key PIN has fallen into the wrong hands

You can either change your PIN on OP-mobile or disable the Mobile key on OP-mobile, or by contacting a bank branch.

My phone is missing

You can either remove the Mobile key from an individual device in the service or request its removal by contacting OP telephone service or a bank branch.