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Mobile key

With Mobile key, you can easily handle your personal transactions without a key code list – anywhere, anytime.

Mobile key is an identification method that goes wherever you go

Mobile key is the primary identification method for logging in and confirming payments and transactions on your phone or tablet, using a PIN code you’ve selected yourself. You can also log into our mobile services using fingerprint or face login.

With Mobile key, you handle your personal transactions on nearly all our services

You can use it to log in and confirm payments and transactions on OP-mobile, OP Business mobile and the op.fi service, and to identify yourself when accessing other services, such as MyTax and Kela, and paying for online purchases.

How to start using Mobile key

To start using Mobile key, download the OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app to your phone or tablet free of charge. To enable Mobile key, you need an OP user ID, a password and a key code list.

Set a personal Mobile key PIN code when you log into OP-mobile or OP Business mobile for the first time. After this, you can carry out transactions with Mobile key on our and other services that require identification.

How to download OP-mobile or OP Business mobile and start using Mobile key

1. On your mobile phone or tablet, go to your app store (App Store or Google Play Store).

2. Type “OP-mobile” or “OP Business mobile” into the app store’s search field and tap Search.

3. Tap Install and verify the installation, if needed.

4. Close the app store and find the downloaded app on your device.

5. To open the app, tap its icon.

6. Log in using the OP user ID and the key code list.

7. Check that the phone number that is linked to your user ID for further confirmation is correct.

8. Follow the app’s instructions for enabling Mobile key.

If you don’t have an OP eServices user ID yet, you can get it from an OP bank branch.

Book an appointment at a bank branch

You can order a Corporate eServices user ID via the op.fi service. With this user ID, you can use Mobile key on OP Business mobile. If you manage your company’s banking by using your personal private customer user ID, you can use Mobile key on OP Business mobile or OP-mobile.

Order user ID



Use Mobile key and win prizes!

We’re awarding Mobile key users with amazing prizes, such as smartphones, travel gift vouchers, iPads and noise-cancelling headphones, each month. All Mobile key users who have filled in the ticket are eligible to take part in the prize draw.

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