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User ID — Children and young people

As your children’s needs evolve, you — the parents — can decide on the kinds of banking services they need. If a youngster’s guardians feel that the time is right, the child can have an OP user ID.

OP-mobile replaces OP Junior – see how to apply for a suitable user ID for a minor

We are discontinuing OP Junior as of 14 June. Read how to apply for a user ID for a child

Digital services for youngsters of different ages

Ages 15–17

When a youngster is ready to use banking services independently, a digital services agreement can be made on their behalf. They will then receive their own OP cooperative bank user ID for managing their money, paying bills and buying items online. This user ID can also be used for digitally accessing key services such as Kela or the joint application system for schools and entrance tests, or as a handy way of buying travel and cinema tickets. In addition, young people can use OP-mobile for access to banking anytime, anywhere.

Ages 7–14

A 7–14-year-old can obtain an OP Service User ID if both guardians feel that the time is right to make an Online Banking Agreement for the child. With an OP Service User ID, youngsters can make online or internet card payments, check their accounts, and pay via the OP Accessible service. However, it cannot be used to log into other services, such as Kela or My Kanta Pages.

Depending on the guardians’ choice, a digital services agreement can be made for a 12–14-year-old, granting the youngster a user ID for OP’s digital services. This user ID enables logging into not only OP’s services but also other services, such as Kela and My Kanta Pages. 

Ages 0–6

A guardian or authorised representative can use their own user ID on op.fi to manage a minor’s banking matters: this requires the consent of all the minor’s guardians. 

Activating digital services for a young person or child

Book an appointment with your nearest OP cooperative bank to activate banking services. You will need

  • A valid personal ID document for both the youngster and guardian.
  • Both guardians present. 
  • If only one guardian visits the bank with the young person, to open a new service they will need power of attorney from the second guardian. If the second guardian is an OP customer, this can be done with an OP user ID on op.fi. If the second guardian does not have an OP user ID, contact OP’s customer service. If the guardian doesn’t have OP’s user ID, they need to first call Customer Service and then log into the Electronic Signature Service using another bank’s user ID to sign the power of attorney.
  • If a guardian is prevented from using banking services, a 15-17 year old can apply for their own user ID. Guardians can give advance consent to activation of services for a youngster, enabling the minor to act on their own behalf at a bank branch, without a guardian. Guardians can provide consent with a user ID issued by OP, or with another bank’s user ID by contacting OP’s customer service. Guardians can provide consent by first contacting Customer Service and then logging into the Electronic Signature Service using OP’s user ID or another bank’s user ID.
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