OP’s user ID, identification and digital services

OP's user ID works as your electronic identity document. You can use it to identify yourself when logging into OP's services and to confirm payments, for example.

How to get OP's user ID

✓ Get OP's user ID from a bank branch or digitally

If you don't have an OP user ID yet, grab your passport or identity card and visit a branch. If you already have the user identifiers of another Finnish bank, you can become our customer online. Become our customer online 

✓ Download the OP-mobile app and get Mobile key too

Once you have OP's user ID, you can identify yourself with a username, password and key code list on our digital services. To make your use of services as easy as possible, enable OP-mobile and Mobile key on your smartphone or tablet. You'll need your username, password and key code list to enable them. Read more about OP-mobile or Learn more about Mobile key

✓ Make all family members' use of services smooth

Did you know that children can use our digital services with limited features? Read more about user IDs for minors

You can also handle matters on behalf of, say, your elderly parents with your user ID and a power of attorney. Learn more about handling matters on behalf of a loved one


For what purposes can I use OP's user ID?

  • You can use the user ID for identifying yourself when you log into OP's digital services and for paying on such online services that have the button for OP's online payment. 
  • If you have a strong electronic identification means, such as OP User ID, you can also identify yourself on public services like the Suomi.fi service, Kela or MyKanta. You can also prove your identity with it when signing documents like agreements or applications.
  • With an OP Corporate User ID, you can identify yourself to use OP's digital services for companies and do transactions for one or several companies that you represent.

Five steps to easier use of the user ID

It is easy and safe use the user ID when you keep the following five things in mind:

  1. Don't reveal your user ID to anyone. If anyone asks for your user ID, or if you're asked to enter it on a suspicious page, don't give your user ID. Bank employees, police officers, tax authorities, merchants or anyone else do not need to have your user ID – only criminals will ask you for it. Keep your user ID so that no one else has access to it.
  2. Immediately deactivate a user ID that has gone missing or fallen into the wrong hands. If you suspect that your user ID has fallen into the wrong hands or an online fraudster or some other criminal has gained access to it or it goes missing, deactivate your user ID immediately. Deactivate your user ID by calling OP Customer Service at 0100 0500 (local/mobile network rate) or OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7, local/mobile network rate). 
  3. Always keep your key code list. You'll need your old key code list to enable Mobile key on another device or when you start using a new key code list. Replace, order or deactivate a key code list
  4. If you visit a branch concerning user identifiers, bring a valid passport or identity card with you. In matters related to identification, you always need to present your passport or identity card at the branch. Learn more about passport requirements and accepted identity documents 
  5. Make sure that we have your phone number. Your personal phone number must be linked to your user ID so that you can receive SMSes. When needed, we'll send you an SMS with the details of the transaction requiring further confirmation to this number. This is to ensure that it is you who is using the user ID. Check your phone number for further confirmation 

Ordering and managing a user ID

You can handle most things concerning your user ID on the op.fi service. Under Manage user ID, you can order a new key code list, deactivate your user ID and check your further confirmation phone number. 

You can check a forgotten username easily on OP-mobile. In the lower right corner of OP-mobile, select More – Settings – Identification – OP username, and then follow the app's instructions. 

Instructions for use of online user identifiers username, password, key code, key code list

Always check the website address and certificate

  • The address on your browser's address bar begins with https://
  • The website's certificate has been issued to OP Financial Group (e.g. OP Osuuskunta)
  • The certificate contains OP’s domain name
  • The issuer/publisher of the certificate is Entrust, DigiCert or Symantec
  • The certificate is valid

Username and password

When logging into the op.fi service or OP Accessible, enter you username and password. It pays to commit your username to memory because it will always remain the same.

For reasons of security, digital service ask you to change the password when you log into the service for the first time. We recommend that you change your password on a regular basis.

Key code and key code list

The service asks you to enter one key code in random order when you

  • log into the service
  • confirm a payment or payments
  • sign agreements.

Find the string of numbers on the key code list that matches the bank's number, type it into the field in the screen and select Continue. The key code can be found on your list next to the bank number on the right.

Replace your key code list with a new one before you have used up all the pairs of numbers. For this purpose, you need three unused pairs of numbers.

We will automatically send you a new list of key codes when you have 20 codes left. It will be delivered by mail to the address available in our customer data.

How do you activate a new key code list?

You can change your key code list on op.fi service, OP Accessible or OP-mobile. Log into the service and select

  • Op.fi service: My profile > Security > User identifiers > Replace key code list
  • OP Accessible (saavutettava.op.fi): Service management > Replace key code list

You need your current key code list with three unused pairs of key codes left and a new key code list that indicates the number of the key code list. That number has ten digits.

User identifiers are personal

The use of online user identifiers is equivalent to your signature and all orders given, messages sent, applications submitted, and agreements concluded using your identifiers are binding on you in relation to the bank or other service provider.

If you would like another person to be able to do your daily banking on your behalf, you can grant this person access right to your account. The persons you have authorised can use your account with their own user IDs, for example pay bills. To grant access right to your account in the op.fi service, select: Account details - Ownership and access rights.

Go to account details (requires login)

Below is a list of all services provided by OP that you can access with your user ID. 

  • Banking and insurance services for personal customers
  • Banking and insurance services for corporate customers


  • OP Accessible


  • OP's Electronic Signature Service


  • Vendor Service


  • Cash Management Service


  • Ordering a OP Corporate User ID


  • OP Loan


  • OP Rahoitus


  • OP Smart Contracts


User identifiers enable you to authenticate yourself and make secure online payments. At the moment of authentication and payment, you will be transferred to an OP service. You can recognise it from the OP logo as well as the address and certificate on your browser’s address bar.

  • OP online payment: This service enables you to pay your purchases at a webshop from your bank account.

the address displayed in valtuutus.op.fi and payment confirmation is verkkomaksu.op.fi

  • OP Identity Service Broker and OP Identity Provider Service: These services enable you to authenticate yourself to a service provider’s service.

https://saml-idp.op.fi, https://isb.op.fi

  • OP Confirmation Service: This service enables you to authenticate yourself to services and confirm your card payments.


  • When you’re in an external provider’s service, this address opens and enables you to confirm payments directly from your account and confirm account information queries 


When you authenticate yourself with your personal user identifiers to our telephone service, you can manage your banking affairs by phone.

  • Personal customer banking services 0100 0500
  • OP Corporate and Payment Services at 0100 05151

To use our apps for smartphones and tablets, you need to download them from your device’s app store. Before downloading, make sure that the app is published by OP (OP Osuuskunta or OP Ryhmä)


  • for Android 
  • for iPhone, iPad

OP Business mobile

  • for Android
  • for iPhone, iPad  

Pivo mobile wallet

  • for Android
  • for iPhone, iPad

Aside from the abovementioned OP services, you can use your credentials on such payment order and account information services that comply with the Payment Services Act.