uusi op.fi mukautuu eri laitteille

What do you need to use OP eServices?

You can use op.fi with a computer, tablet or smartphone. It works best with the most common web browsers if you enable cookies and JavaScript.

Requirements for using OP eServices

OP eServices (op.fi) works in all major web browsers. We recommend using the latest version. Using the service also requires a mobile phone and a mobile subscription that enable sending and receiving SMS.

The following browsers support OP eServices:

  • Edge 17, 18  and Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 66
  • Google Chrome 74
  • Safari 12

Supported mobile browsers:

  • Mobile Safari 12
  • Chrome 73

Support in this context means that we test such browsers for the performance of op.fi. We do not support any test and beta versions or browser extensions. We cannot guarantee that OP eServices will work if you use a browser other than the above.

Update your operating system and web browser

Updates are important for the sake of security. You can see your current browser version at Help/Ohje – About.../Tietoja... Browser updates are made through each browser manufacturer's own website.

It is possible that you cannot update or install the latest versions on old computers. It is advisable to contact your equipment manufacturer, for example, to find out whether your old computer is compatible with the latest browser versions.

Other web browser requirements

Acceptance of cookies and JavaScript is also required of a web browser.

Cookies are small text files stored in the web browser on your computer when you visit websites. They come in two types: session cookies and persistent cookies.

  • Session cookies exist only during a session, or a single visit, and are deleted automatically when the browser is closed.
  • Permanent cookies exist for a specified period and remain on your computer after the expiry of the session unless you do not delete them yourself before that.

OP eServices uses both session cookies and permanent cookies so that we can provide information and services based on the needs of our customers. Cookies do not harm your computer or files in any way.

You can disable cookies in your browser but this may weaken the functionality of OP eServices.  You cannot login to OP eServices if you disable cookies.

Enable cookies

In order to be able to login to OP eServices and use our banking and insurance services, enable cookies in your browser. Cookies are usually allowed by default.

You can check cookie settings of different web browsers in a different way. The web browser's name appears from the browser's title bar: Select Tietoja.../About... under the browser's Ohje/Help menu. The window that opens up shows you your browser's version. You can find the version under Help (Ohje) > About (Tietoja).

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Select Tools > Internet options > Security > Medium > Override automatic cookie handling > First-party Cookies > Always Allow Session Cookies


Select Tools > Options > Privacy > Allow sites to set cookies

Apple Safari

Safari accepts cookies only from the websites you visit. This may prevent from storing the cookies of some advertisers to your computer. You may change cookie preferences in such a way that Safari does not accept any cookies or accept all cookies.

Google Chrome

Select the menu icon > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies: Allow local data to be set (recommended)

JavaScript is a programming language used to manage various utility functions, such as error messages and text fields, and to check input data.

Enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Select Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom level > Scripting > Active scripting > Enable


Select Tools > Options > Content > Enable JavaScript

Google Chrome

Go to the Chrome menu and select Settings > Show advanced settings >Privacy > Content settings > JavaScript > Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)


Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences > Security > Enable JavaScript

OP eServices is protected with the HTTPS connection, which encrypts data sent across the network in such a way that no unauthorised party can see your confidential information.

Browsers supported by OP eServices automatically use the TLS encryption that protects HTTPS traffic.

Please make sure to always use a supported browser and update your browser if necessary.

OP-mobile works best with the following devices and operating systems:


iOS application

You can use OP-mobile with an iOS devices running the iOS 9.0 operating system (or newer), network connection and an Apple ID user account.

You need the account to download the application from the App Store.

Android application

You can use OP-mobile with a touch-screen Android device running operating system Android 5.0 (or newer), network connection and a Google account.

The account is needed to download the OP-mobile application from Google Play.

Windows 10 application

You can use a Windows 10 application with a Windows device running operating system 10 (or newer), network connection and a Windows Live account. The account is needed to download the OP-mobile application from Microsoft Store.

OP-mobile works on the newest smartphones and tablets.

Telephone service OP 0100 0500 can be used with a phone enabling DTMF tones.