My finances – More with the same money

Our product and service offering helps you manage your finances and make smart money decisions in all stages of life. Our services give you more time to enjoy your life and help you achieve your financial dreams, such as buying your own home or building your wealth. On this page you’ll find our services for managing personal finances and relating topical content.

Services for managing finances

My financial balance
How much do you spend on necessities, how much on fun? Any money left over for savings? Check your financial situation on OP-mobile!
Subscription management service
Do you know all your recurring expenses? You can see the amounts spent on streaming services, subscriptions and other continuous subscriptions through OP-mobile in a single view.
OP Multi-bank Service
View your payment accounts with another bank easily and securely on OP-mobile and the service.
Money Box
Set savings targets for yourself and save automatically when you pay with your card. Start using Money Box on OP-mobile or the service.
OP Sijoituskumppani
OP Investment Partner
Easy investment service that inspires you to reach your investment target. Start using the service on OP-mobile.