Subscription management service

View subscriptions

In the service, you can see how much money you spend on recurring subscriptions, such as streaming services, electricity and mobile and broadband subscriptions. You’ll get a clearer picture of your payments and can keep your finances in balance.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

In the service, you can easily cancel the subscriptions you consider unnecessary. Cancelling subscriptions in daily busy life is often ignored and money is wasted. By means of the service, you don’t need to contact companies because we cancel your subscriptions for you.

Start using it through OP-mobile

The service is always available to you on your phone and using it is free of charge.

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Subscription management as part of your financial balance

Are you already familiar with My financial balance found on OP-mobile? It helps you get a clear picture of your income and expenses. The subscription management service is a tool that is part of My financial balance. It helps you view your recurring expenses more easily. When you make sure that you have only the needed recurring subscriptions in your use, you can reach more balanced finances.


Using the subscription management service takes place on the service of our partner Minna Technologies.

How to enable the service

  1. Log into OP-mobile. Make sure you’re using the latest version of OP-mobile. 
  2. On the OP-mobile front page, click My financial balance and go to the bottom of the page. 
  3. Go to the service.
  4. Read and accept the terms of use and the data protection practices.
  5. Identify yourself for the service with OP’s user ID.
  6. Select accounts and/or cards that you want to link to the service.
  7. The service gets recurring subscriptions charged from the accounts and/or cards you have selected.
  8. You will see the subscriptions in the summary view where you can also cancel them.
  • When you identify yourself for the service, you give Minna Technologies access to retrieving your bank account details for the past two years.
  • You also give access to retrieving your contact information and payment transactions for the past 90 days.
  • You’ll need to renew identification every 90 days if you want to continue using the service.
  • You can stop using the service in the service’s settings. This will remove all information on your accounts and subscriptions from the service.

When you activate the service, you consent to the disclosure of your customer code to Minna Technologies. Your customer code serves as a reference number that allows Minna Technologies to display your information when you use the service.

What is Minna Technologies?

Minna Technologies is a Swedish software company cooperating with retail banks that develops products for the financial sector. 

Is the service subject to a charge?

OP’s customers can use the service through OP-mobile, free of charge.

In what languages does Minna Technologies providing the subscription management service serve its customers?

Minna Technologies serves its customers using the same languages as OP-mobile, i.e. Finnish, Swedish and English.

What data does OP transmit to Minna Technologies?

When you enable the service, you give consent to search for selected accounts, balances and card transactions. That enables the service to identify recurrent transactions. In addition, you give consent to transmitting your name. Your account details and name will be forwarded to Minna Technologies according to the PSD2 regulation. In addition to them, OP transmits via a secure connection the phone number, email address, home address and language for services. Minna Technologies processes data using a unique customer code. Your customer code serves as a reference number that allows Minna Technologies to display your data when you use the service.

Is it safe to use the service?

Minna Technologies acts as the controller of the personal data processed in the service and undertakes to protect and respect your privacy. In order to be able to use the service, you need to read and accept the terms and conditions of the service and the data protection practices. When you read the terms, you’ll get more information about the service. The data protection practices, for its part, provide detailed information on collecting and processing your personal data. 

Whom to contact in case I need support for using the service?

Minna Technologies is there for you to help you in issues related to the system. You can contact Minna Tech by sending email to or go to the service chat as follows: Talouden tasapaino (Financial balance) → Siiry palveluun (Go to service) → Lisää (More) → Ota meihin yhteyttä (Contact us) → Keskustele kanssamme chatissa (Chat with us on chat). 

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions related to the use of the service on the Minna Technologies service. You can access answers to FAQs as follows: Talouden tasapaino (Financial balance) → Siiry palveluun (Go to service) → Lisää (More) → Usein kysytyt kysymykset (FAQs).

The service is provided by Minna Technologies in cooperation with OP Retail Customers plc.