OP Virtual Account

Monitor your business more efficiently with a custom account structure.

What is OP Virtual Account?

OP Virtual Account provides companies with a clearer overview of their finances and profitability. A company can structure its accounts as it prefers, to match its type of business.

Virtual account structures can be created on the basis of business activities, projects, offices, products or even teams.

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Account structure for your company’s needs

You can yourself create an account structure that supports your business and accounting.


Real-time and cash basis view

Analyse your income and expenses in a versatile way and identify unallocated transactions quickly.


Flexible use of digital services

In case your company’s needs change, you can use your user interface to easily change the number of accounts, access rights and purpose of use.


An account structure that meets the individual needs of companies

As the main account, and the only one subject to a record-keeping requirement, the corporate account is the main pillar of the account structure. Under this main account, a company can create virtual accounts as it wishes — to reflect its own business, or for closer monitoring of all kinds. The main account does not function as a payment transfer account. Virtual accounts are given their own IBANs for payments and invoicing, so that transactions recorded in them can be collectively identified for monitoring purposes. This provides companies with an up-to-date and clearer picture of their profitability and risk management.

The customer can use OP’s online service to manage the accounts and, for example, use self-service to open and close accounts conveniently.

Account reporting

You can generate the full range of reports on virtual accounts in PDF and XLS format. Data from virtual accounts is added to main account transactions. Such data can be retrieved using the corporate banking connection (Web Services channel). This enables you to use transaction data, from a specific virtual-account, in the accounts ledger and automatic transaction processing.

A virtual account can include the same services as ordinary accounts, such as credit facility and interest calculation.


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