Investment based cash management

Better returns on your company's cash through smart cash management

Make your company's money work for you, easily and quickly

A free service that invests the company or institution’s extra money automatically in the mutual funds of your choice to seek better returns. The automated system ensures that your company's account always has sufficient funds for ongoing costs.


Convenient investment at a risk level that suits your company

Investment based cash management suits both large and small businesses. The service helps you to choose broadly diversified fixed income and index funds for your company’s funds at a suitable risk level. More experienced investors may also pick some more unconventional funds for their portfolio. 


Low investment costs thanks to the cost-free service

Investment based cash management is a free-of-charge service that you can start using easily on the service. You will only pay the fund costs.

Making money in the account grow without compromising on liquidity

When the amount of money in your company’s account exceeds two month’s expenditure, you should start seeking returns on the extra money. Investment based cash management ensures your company's liquidity and allows your company's money to grow and bring in a return.

Your company's account will always have sufficient funds for ongoing costs thanks to the automated system. If the account balance goes below a predetermined return level, the service will sell fund units and transfer the money to the account. The sale of fund units is activated at intervals of three days, counted from the payment date of the previous sale.

How to start using the investment based cash management service

If your company is not yet our customer or does not have a OP Savings and Investments Agreement, call us at 010 005 151 to book an appointment with an investment specialist. If you are an OP customer, and your company has an OP Savings and Investments Agreement, you can activate the service directly on this page.

Invest your company’s cash in bond funds or index funds

The investment based cash management service offers a wide range of bond funds for your company's cash management with a moderate risk level as well as higher-risk index funds investing in the stock markets. The higher the risk you can take, the bigger the possible returns may be.

You can yourself determine the weighting between fixed income and index funds, on the basis of which the total risk level is formed. The service will automatically buy the funds picked by you, respecting the allocation you have set.


You investments will be diversified in terms of time, quality and geography

Investment based cash management automatically follows three important investment principles – temporal, qualitative and geographical diversification. Extra money in the account is automatically invested in funds in small amounts to seek returns and, in that way, diversified efficiently across time. The service’s mutual funds invest their assets in different parts of the world and in different industries, which ensures high qualitative and geographical diversification.

It is up to you to decide your targeted return level for your company's money. Do you want to safeguard your company's assets with fixed income investments or are you interested in higher returns from index funds investing in the stock markets?


Bond funds suitable for cash management

Equity index funds

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The investment based cash management service is provided by OP cooperative bank. The funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd.