How to start investing company assets


Why is it worth investing my company’s assets?

By investing, you can grow the funds available to your company and help prepare for change, further investments, or mergers and acquisitions in the long term. Investing will also improve your company’s financing options.  


Just the right investment for your company

Choose from a wide range of investments suitable for your company, such as shares, mutual funds, ETFs, structured products and bonds.


How to start investing your company’s assets

Want to invest actively in shares or effortlessly diversify with funds? Ask us to get in touch and we’ll find a good way for your company to invest. 

My company wants to start investing. What do I need to do next?

To buy shares in funds and acquire other investment products, your company will need a signed OP Savings and Investments Agreement. Depending on your type of company, you will also need board minutes authorising investment. To invest in shares, you will need an LEI code in order to open a book-entry account. Leave your details with us and we’ll contact you in a couple of business days. 

1. OP Savings and Investments Agreement — leave your details with us

Leave your details and ask us to contact you about savings and investment. We will draw up a free-of-charge OP Savings and Investment Agreement for your company and book an online meeting for the agreement’s signature. This is worth doing now, even if your company is not quite ready to invest. Starting to invest is easy and fast online, once the contractual matters are out of the way. 

2. Limited liability companies must provide board meeting minutes

Is this the first time your company will be investing with us? If so, you’ll need board minutes for our online meeting. You can send these by message via OP-mobile or the service, either ahead of or during the meeting. The minutes must include the following: 

  • the name of your company’s contact person authorised to save and invest on the company’s behalf 
  • the board’s authorisation to enter an OP Savings and Investment Agreement  
  • authorisation to open an account and book-entry account, and the names of people with access rights to them. 

3. Meeting minutes are not required from one-person companies 

One-person companies (private trader, limited partnership, general partnership or limited liability company) don’t need to provide board minutes in order to sign an agreement. Limited liability companies need to provide minutes if their board has more than one ordinary member. You won’t need minutes if your company is already investing with us, your investor profile is up to date, and your company has a valid custody agreement or an investment manager known to OP.

4. Order an LEI code, if you want to invest in shares, ETFs or bonds 

If your company is planning to invest in shares, ETFs or bonds, a book-entry account will be opened for this purpose. Your company will need an LEI code for the same reason. Order the code well in advance — it could take several business days to arrive. 

Order an LEI code from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office

5. Start saving and investing 

Once the agreements are made, we’ll provide the investment advice you are seeking. We’ll draw up an investor profile for your company, to evaluate its risk tolerance and expected return on investments. Alternatively, you can create your own investor profile at Saving and investing are easy on OP's mobile apps or the service. 

Create an investor profile


Why is investing your company’s assets the smart thing to do?

Saving and investing provide a way of putting your assets to work. Your company can benefit from the compound interest effect to gain a return on its assets. Invest to grow your company’s capital and prepare for change, future investments or possible acquisitions in the long term. Investment can also secure your company’s future financing options — investments can be used to finance further investments or as security for a loan. 

You won’t need lots of capital to get started – even a small amount will do. For example, you can begin by investing a few hundred euros a month in a monthly investment fund. You can change the amount saved as needed. If a sudden investment need arises, a mutual fund can be redeemed: the realised amount can be paid into your company’s account in a matter of days.


See how your investments can grow – try out the savings calculator

Want to invest actively in shares or effortlessly diversify with funds?

Investing in funds is a great option if you are seeking a simple and profitable way to invest your company’s capital but lack the time to manage investments actively. Mutual funds will diversify your investments for you, while portfolio managers take care of managing them. 

Read more about funds

If you want to invest in shares or other listed products actively, stock investment is a good way of putting your company’s capital to work. 

Where should you invest in right now? We have listed our specialists’ opinions on the brightest investment products of the moment. See our latest investment tips!

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