Company's fund investments

Extra cash may flow into your company and accrue unexpectedly. Investing extra cash is always a good option for increasing company assets and to prepare for capital expenditure.

Do not keep accrued cash idle in an account. Investing them in OP funds is a good and flexible alternative with higher return expectations. So put your idle cash to work and generate returns.

You can begin investing in a fund even with a small amount of capital, so our solutions suit companies of any size. You can at any time change the investment amount or redeem fund units for unexpected capital expenditure.

Effective diversification through one investment

Balanced funds are an easy way to acquire an effectively diversified equity portfolio through a single investment. They are a convenient solution for investing cash funds and other capital profitably.

Of OP’s mutual funds, for example OP-Conservative, OP-Moderate and OP-Brave, invest globally in equity and fixed-income markets. Broad diversification offers your company excellent return opportunities in fluctuating market situations.

How do I start investing in mutual funds?

In order to buy shares in funds, your company needs to sign an OP Savings and Investments Agreement. The simplest way to sign the agreement is by booking an appointment at your OP cooperative bank. See detailed instructions on investing a company’s funds here.


OP-Conservative provides cautious investors with better return potential than fixed-income investment alone. The fund is our lowest-risk balanced fund so it is a good instrument for short- and mid-term investment.


OP-Moderate is a mutual fund with higher equity weighting which increases the fund’s expected return but also its risk. The fund offers a balanced asset mix with stocks increasing the return potential and fixed-income instruments offering protection.


OP-Brave is mutual fund that mostly invests in the world’s equity markets. We recommend OP-Brave if you want to invest in the long term, seek good returns and understand the risks associated with a high equity weight.

Contact your OP contact person for more detailed information on balanced funds.

Take a look at our other funds

Take a look at our other mutual funds as well, for example real property funds including real estate and forest funds providing diversification for many investors.

Remember that investment always involves risks. The value of investments can rise and fall, and an investor can lose part or all of the money they invest. OP funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd, with OP cooperative bank acting as its agent. Normal transaction costs are charged for the following special common funds: OP-Public Services Real Estate, OP-Forest Owner, OP-Rental Yield and OP-Alternative Portfolio special common funds.