You have many ways to start investing for your company. Read how to get started and start today.

How to start investing
Get started easily with €50 per month.
Investment based cash management
Better returns on your company's cash through smart cash management.

It’s possible for companies to grow their capital by means of investments too. Choose from our wide range of investments suitable for your company. Choose the funds that suit your needs by comparing the expected returns and investment horizons of different funds using the savings calculator.

How can a company start investing in mutual funds or stocks? 

Are you thinking of whether the company can invest? Companies can invest, for example, in shares, mutual funds, ETFs, structured products and bonds. Mutual funds invest their assets in fixed income and stock markets. We offer a range of more than 60 funds, including equity funds, index funds and responsible investment funds. Let’s together plan a suitable way of investing for your company.

Investment based cash management for companies

Investment based cash management ensures your company’s liquidity and allows your company’s money to grow and bring in a return. The service invests assets to seek returns. The automated system ensures that your company’s account always has sufficient funds for ongoing costs.

Investment based cash management is a free-of-charge service. You will only pay the fund costs.

An investor with a long-term approach can benefit from the compound interest effect

When should your company start investing? Market values go up and down. One thing is sure: the earlier you start investing, the better benefits you get from the time horizon. This means that the compound interest effect favours long-term investment. Try out the compound interest calculator: