Yrityksen sijoitusratkaisut 2021

Investment solutions for businesses – let your company build wealth

Make investing accrued funds a key factor in increasing the value and assets of your company. Accrued cash in an account gives virtually no return and by investing these funds appropriately, your company can create wealth.

It is particularly wise to consider different wealth management options when extra money has come to your company’s account. You should put extra money to work. By investing, you can increase your company’s capital and prepare for capital expenditure, mergers or acquisitions in the long term too.

The insurance-based Investment solution for businesses is a comprehensive and easy solution for your company if you wish to

  • focus on your business
  • let investment experts follow movements in capital markets

OP’s best expertise in portfolio management stands behind the investment vehicles that the range of investment options comprises. You decide the risk appetite of your company and the estimated investment horizon. Based on these factors, your funds will be invested in ways that suit and support your objectives.

Benefits for your company

  • An easy and comprehensive solution for your company’s investment needs
  • A flexible and straight-forward agreement for seeking returns
  • Cost-effectiveness – the investment is well-diversified
  • The investment follows current developments – the funds are withdrawable at any time
  • Sensible taxation – tax will not be levied on investment income until you withdraw the income

You can easily enter into the agreement by booking an appointment at a branch office. We will create an investor profile and investment plan for your company, covering goals, objectives and time horizon, among other things. Once this is completed, we will set up an appropriate investment solution.

The insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. OP cooperative banks act as representatives of OP Life Assurance Company Ltd.