Strukturoidut tuotteet

Structured products

Does your company have assets that you would like to invest for a longer period of time? Structured products represent a flexible solution for your company’s long-term investments.

Structured products comprise bonds offering investment opportunities in different market situations. The yield from such investments is based partly or entirely on the value development of a specific underlying instrument. The underlying instrument for structured products can be selected from a wide range of options. They can be, for example, equities, equity indexes, funds, currencies, commodities, an interest rate or fixed-income indexes, credit risk, inflation or different combinations thereof. Investments in these products are cost-effective, since no costs will be accrued during the loan period.

The income profile of the products is highly flexible and can be modified to completely meet the needs of your company. We can also influence the income profile by opting to safeguard the product’s capital entirely, partly or not at all for the duration of the investment.

In addition to tailored solutions, we also continuously provide structured products, such as Savings and Investment bonds and Corporate fixed income.

Contact your local group member cooperative bank and our experts will assist you in selecting the optimal investment solution for your company for any situation.

OP’s structured product range has something for everyone. Using our structured products, you can invest in a diversified manner in different underlying instruments and reference entities.

Read more about our Savings and Investment bonds and Corporate fixed income, as well as other structured investment products.

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The (structured) bond product is issued by OP Corporate Bank plc. Group member banks, in addition to the OP Corporate Bank, can act as subscription agents.