Investment bond – good yield potential with a limited risk

Investment bonds are safer than equity investments and have more attractive yield potential than conventional bonds.

Investment bonds represent a capital-protected savings and investment solution with a higher target yield than savings bonds. They are suitable for you if you accept a limited risk.

A higher yield potential is possible thanks to the so-called premium. It may enable an even higher return than an equity investment in a favourable market situation.

Investment bond as an investment

  • Capital-protected product
  • High yield as a target
  • Investment horizon is usually 2–5 years
  • Capital protection does not cover the premium paid on the bond
  • Investment bond has no subscription fee


Our experts choose topical investment ideas and themes. We seek to offer you a diverse range of varying underlying assets (e.g. equity, commodity and currency) and investment themes.

The investment bond's typical term to maturity is 2–5 years. In normal market conditions, you can sell your investment during the term to maturity. Then please contact your own OP cooperative bank.

The (structured) bond product is issued by OP Corporate Bank plc. Group member banks, in addition to the OP Corporate Bank, can act as subscription agents.