Savings and investments

Säästämisen ja sijoittamisen voit aloittaa milloin tahansa. Mitä aiemmin aloitat, sitä enemmän ehdit hyötyä korkoa korolle -ilmiöstä. Tutustu miten pääset alkuun ja aloita jo tänään. 


How to start investing in mutual funds
How to start investing in stocks
Starting to invest in stocks pays off as they are the most profitable investment option in the long term. Read these pointers before starting to invest in stocks.

How do I start investing?

Thinking about starting investing? The easiest way to start investing is to invest monthly in mutual funds. We offer a wide range of funds, including equity funds, index funds and responsible investment funds.

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Investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds invest their assets in bond and stock markets. To find the fund that suits you best, you can use our return calculator to compare the investment horizons and expected returns of various investment instruments.

Starting stock investment

Investing in stocks generates the highest returns in the long term. Stock investment is ideal for investors seeking high returns. The return consists of any increase in stock values, as well as dividends paid. To start investing in stocks, you need an equity savings account or a book-entry account, an eServices Agreement and a bank account.

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Investing in properties and buy-to-let homes

If you want to diversify your investments into real estate assets, an easy way to do it – even on smaller invested amounts – is through mutual funds. Residential property fund and real estate fund returns consist of rental income and an increase in the market value of investments.

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Investing in forests

A forest fund is an excellent way to diversify assets outside conventional stock and fixed-income investments. You can invest in a forest fund even with a small amount. The return comes from the growth of trees and the change in the value of the tree stand.

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Long-term investing

Long-term investing works best if you use your investment returns over the years to buy more shares or fund units. This allows you to avoid expenses and taxation, and to benefit fully from the compound interest effect.

As an owner-customer, you can always invest at low cost

As our owner-customer, you can now buy, sell and switch almost all of our mutual funds with no charges. Trading in stocks and other listed securities is also affordable for owner-customers on OP-mobile and the service.

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Which stocks should you buy or sell right now?

Read the latest stock recommendations by OP Equity Research. The OP top picks list provides the best ideas for Finnish stocks worth buying or selling right now.

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