Where should you invest in right now?

On this page, we have listed our specialists’ opinions on the brightest investment products of the moment. See our latest investment tips and snap up the hottest stocks and other investment products for your portfolio.

So, are you an investor, or thinking about getting started? Consult our experts’ investment ideas when considering where to invest.

Which shares and ETFs should you invest in right now?

OP’s hottest stocks include our top 5 tips on the Finnish stocks that you may want to buy or sell right now.

Which structured products should I invest in now?
See the available structured investment products.
Which mutual funds should you invest in right now?

Check out the latest tips on mutual funds by OP Asset Management.

Which form of renewable energy or low-carbon should you invest in right now?
See our top 5 tips on funds and ETFs that invest in green energy and the low-carbon world.

Which mutual funds have performed best?

View our best-performing mutual funds from the past year.

Top funds

Book-entry account
Open a book-entry account and invest widely in stocks listed on different exchanges.
OP Investment Partner
OP Investment Partner is an OP-mobile service that helps you in investment and gives investment advice just for your needs.
Equity savings account
Open an equity savings account and invest in stocks listed in Finland.
Owner-customer benefits through savings and investment
As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can buy, sell and switch between almost all our mutual funds for no charge.

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