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OP Investment Partner is your digital investment advisor on OP-mobile

What do you dream of? Becoming wealthy, your own home or something else? Share it with OP Investment Partner and get an investment plan for realising your dream. It’s easy to start investing on the service, and you can change your investment amounts any time if your situation changes.


OP Investment Partner supports you through every step until you reach your goal

Whether you’re a novice or a more seasoned investor, OP Investment Partner helps and inspires you to reach your investment target. You’ll receive messages about your progress, and the service makes it easy for you to track your investment’s performance and your journey towards your goal.


Responsible investment globally

With OP Investment Partner, you always invest responsibly. Only companies that are among the best in their sector in terms of responsibility are included in OP Investment Partner’s funds.

OP Investment Partner helps you achieve your dream

OP Investment Partner is a digital investment service that helps you reach your investment target with responsibly managed funds. This service is suitable for both novices and seasoned investors, and you can start using it quickly and easily – even from the comfort of your couch. Start using OP Investment Partner as follows:

1. Log into OP-mobile

If you don’t have OP-mobile yet, you can download it from your phone’s app store.

2. Enable OP Investment Partner

On OP-mobile, go to the Investments tab and tap the OP Investment Partner banner. Answer carefully OP Investment Partner’s questions about your goal, financial situation, risk tolerance as far as your goal is concerned and the investment horizon and amount. It takes less than 10 minutes to answer the questions.

3. You'll receive a fund recommendation

Once you’ve answered the questions, OP Investment Partner provides you with a fund recommendation that fits your goal and a forecast for your investment’s performance. You’ll see directly how long it’ll take to reach your goal and how much you’ll need to save for it.

4. Familiarise yourself with the fund documents

After you’ve familiarised yourself with the fund’s Key Information Document and other documents, you can start investing in the fund at the pace and with the amount that you like. You can save in the fund both by making one-off investments or monthly investments. You can change the investment amounts any time.

5. You'll get support and inspiration

This service will guide you and keep you on track in reaching your target. OP Investment Partner will post you messages about your progress. You can also track your target’s progress and follow up your investment’s performance by yourself on OP-mobile.

6. Your owner-customer benefits

Buy and sell fund units free of charge and earn OP bonuses from fund units.

Responsible investment with effective investment strategy

OP Investment Partner’s funds invest in companies that operate responsibly in matters relating to environment, social responsibility and good governance. The companies’ responsibility is evaluated with different indicators that have to do with reducing pollution, preventing climate change and the wellbeing of personnel, for example. Harmful and controversial sectors have been excluded from the funds, such as, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons, adult entertainment and nuclear energy. Neither do the funds invest in companies that are involved with child labour or corruption.

In addition to investing responsibly, the funds follow an effective investment strategy, thanks to which the equity weights of the funds available on the service can be kept higher than in typical funds of similar risk category. The effective investment strategy is based on an investment approach proven through academic research* where diversifying investments in low-risk stocks can yield better returns in relation to the risk taken than in market indices.

OP’s portfolio managers monitor the funds’ risk levels and, if needed, adjust the risk level to match with the long-term target level. The funds offer the best possible expected return with managed risk.

The effective investment strategy applied to OP Investment Partner’s funds is based, among others, on the following academic research models:

The Cross-Section of Volatility and Expected Returns, Andrew Ang, Robert J. Hodrick, Yuhang Xing, and XiaOoyan Zhang, The Journal of Finance • Vol. LXI, No. 1 • February 2006 

Betting against beta, Andrea Frazzini, Lasse Heje Pedersen, Journal of Financial Economics 111 (2014) 1–25.

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The OP Investment Partner service is provided by OP Financial Group. The funds available on the service are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd.

When investing, it’s wise to also remember the related risks. An investment’s value can either rise or fall, and there are no guarantees of recovering all your invested capital. OP doesn’t guarantee return on your investment, and past performance is no guarantee of future performance.