All about saving and investing – what would you like to know?

With us, you can save and invest the way that suits you best. You can learn more about the products and services on this page with all saving and investment information. We help you in digital channels and you can make an appointment for investment advice.

Are you considering starting to invest and save or are you thinking of where to invest money right now? Read more about our tips, such as the saver’s and investor’s guides that explain how and where to invest. Start saving and investing already today.

OP Sijoituskumppani
OP Investment Partner
OP Investment Partner is an OP-mobile service that helps you in investment and gives investment advice just for your needs.
New price benefit
How to start investing in stocks
Starting to invest in stocks pays off as they are the most profitable investment option in the long term. Read these pointers before starting to invest in stocks.
Savings calculator
Find out the return on your savings and investment.
How to start investing in mutual funds
Monthly investment
Investing monthly in a fund is an excellent way to build up savings.
As owner-customer you invest in equities at lower cost
As OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, you’ll get comprehensive benefits from savings and investment services.
Where to invest in right now?
See our experts’ tips on investing in funds, stocks and ETFs
Equity analyses
You’ll get tips on what you should buy or sell now, the best dividend distributors and much else.