Responsible investment funds

Find the best responsible investment fund for you and grow your wealth wisely.

Find the best responsible investment fund for you

You can choose from 20 responsible investment funds, including sustainability-themed funds, index funds and real property funds.


Seek returns responsibly

By investing in responsible funds, you seek returns while taking account of responsibility aspects.


Grow your wealth wisely

As an owner-customer, you always invest in responsible investment funds at a lower cost since you can buy and sell almost all funds without fees and earn OP bonuses on 0.35% of the value of your mutual fund holdings per year.

Find the responsible investment fund suitable for you

Among our responsible investment funds, you will find funds that suit your responsibility preferences. All of our responsible investment funds promote ESG factors, in other words, they consider environmental, social and governance issues in their investment activities. We also have funds that exclude a wider variety of controversial sectors.

Some responsible investment theme funds provide investors the opportunity to contribute to problem solving. By investing in a responsible investment fund you invest in companies whose products and services aim at preventing environmental and social threats, such as climate change and humanitarian crises, on a global scale. For example, investments selected for OP-Climate and OP-Clean Water funds emphasise products and services that play a major role in solving various threats.




Sustainability-themed funds

Sustainability-themed index funds

Investing in an index fund is also a responsible choice. Most of our index funds follow the MSCI ESG Universal benchmark index which places greater weight on companies with a better ESG profile. These funds promote environmental and social characteristics by means of exclusion lists and by placing greater weight on companies with a better ESG profile.

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Sustainability-themed real property funds

For responsible investors, real property funds offer good options for diversifying their investments. Responsible housing, real estate and forest funds are a great way of diversifying in other asset classes since their value performance has hardly any correlation with the equity market.

Työntekijä valmistaa lankaa
OP-Sustainable World fund
Through this fund, you can invest in companies that are among the best in their sector in terms of responsibility.
OP-Low-carbon World fund
Through this fund, you can invest in low-carbon companies and seek equity market returns while keeping the carbon footprint at less than half that of a widely diversified global equity index.
OP-Kestävä Hyvinvointi -sijoitusrahasto
OP-Sustainable Wellbeing fund
Invest in the fund and seek attractive returns from companies that promote human wellbeing and equal opportunities.
OP-Climate fund
Through this fund, you can invest in companies whose products and services play a key role in combating climate change.
Ihminen pesee käsiä luonnossa
OP-Clean Water fund
Through this fund, you can invest in companies that secure the sufficiency of clean water in the future.
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Responsible investment
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