On this page, we have compiled OP’s mutual funds and the latest news and content themed around mutual fund investment and saving. The page also provides a savings calculator, with which you can calculate how much you could invest and save in mutual funds.

How do I start investing in mutual funds?

An easy way to make the money grow is to regularly invest a certain amount in a mutual fund. Many customers start with the easy-to-use Saver’s funds. We also offer a range of other funds, including equity funds, index funds and sustainable investment funds.

Is investing in mutual funds worthwhile?

Mutual fund assets are invested in bond and equity markets, which have a higher expected return than bank accounts in the long term. You can easily calculate the expected return for different funds with the fund investment calculator. With the return calculator, you can compare expected returns based the amount invested and see what kind of funds best suit your situation and goals.

How do index funds differ from other mutual funds?

Index funds are so-called passive funds. They follow a benchmark market index, whereas active funds strive for higher returns than the index by taking an active investment stance. That is why index funds usually have a lower-cost structure than active funds.

Invest easily in housing and forest

Investing through funds in real property, such as forest, housing and commercial premises, is an alternative to buy-to-let investing. Investing in real property funds enables you to achieve stable returns regardless of what happens on the equity market. These mutual funds give you access to real property and forest investment even with a small amount. They also diversify well the risk associated with your investment portfolio.

Make an impact by investing in socially responsible funds

Funds for socially responsible investing, or sustainable investing, provide investors with a way to have a social impact through their investment. Sustainable investing in mutual funds is in line with the perspective of sustainable development. The investments focus, for example, on industries that emphasise ethical operations, combating climate change or, say, clean water.

Emerging markets funds

Emerging markets funds, such as the Asia fund and Russia fund, offer high return potential on your investments. These funds invest their assets in strongly growing markets. They are suitable for return-seeking long-term investors, either as one-off or systematic monthly investment.

Inexpensive fund investing for OP’s owner-customers

As our owner-customer, you can now buy, sell and switch almost all of our mutual funds with no charges. We have ended subscription, redemption and switching fees for almost all funds. Read more about value-for-money benefits for owner-customers.

Read more about our mutual funds and related publications

The list of our mutual funds and our fund prospectuses give you further information about mutual fund investing. You can also learn more from the funds’ financial statements and from current financial market information. Read more in fund publications