The OP Sijoitusnäkymät newsletter for May has been published

The stock market's natural state includes upward and downward swings, and after a very strong early year, the stock market entered a slower period and fell in April. The newsletter for May gives you the latest news from the market, as well as tips for the dividend season and investing benefits for young people. You can also check the performance reviews of funds investing in the stock market and fixed income market in the newsletter. You can also check our statistics for OP's customers’ investment decisions in April.

We publish the Sijoitusnäkymät newsletter monthly. The newsletter is a collection of topical articles and videos relevant to investors. The Sijoitusnäkymät blog and a video interview regarding the market conditions are included each month. If you wish, you can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive it by email. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want.