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Easy fund investing with Saver's funds

With Saver’s funds, you can easily start seeking higher returns on the stock market. In Saver's funds, an investment professional selects the investments for you.

Saver's funds offer an easy way to try investing

When you use Saver's funds, we invest the amount you wish to stock and fixed-income markets. You can try investing even with a small amount and learn how it works. In investment, risks and returns are linked: the greater the risk, the greater the expected return. The value of a fund unit varies depending on the markets.

Useful information on Saver's funds

  • The funds have no subscription fees.
  • You can sell your fund units and cash your money anytime.
  • Online you can easily follow the performance of your fund units and make additional investments.
  • Fund units generate OP bonuses.


OP-Conservative is suitable for a cautious investor and short-term investment. OP-Conservative mainly uses fixed-income investments, meaning that the fund's value changes should be moderate even when the stock market is turbulent. The fund is suitable, for example, for someone planning to go on a holiday trip or buy furniture.

1 mth
+1,35 %
3 mth
+2,60 %
+7,69 %


OP-Moderate is suitable for a person seeking better returns for his/her money than those offered by deposits. The fund always has some stocks in it, meaning that stock market developments have a key impact on the fund's value performance. The fund is suitable, for example, for someone planning to buy a car or renovate their kitchen.

1 mth
+2,25 %
3 mth
+4,53 %
+12,04 %


OP-Brave is suitable for a person who seeks high returns and understands risks related to high stock weights. The fund mainly invests in stocks, meaning that stock markets' developments have a direct and immediate impact on the fund's value. OP-Brave is suitable, for example, for saving money for retirement or bigger purchases.

1 mth
+3,09 %
3 mth
+6,31 %
+16,24 %


OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.