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Saver's funds

Get started with investing easily

Mutual fund benefit for owner-customers

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you buy, sell and switch between all saver's funds without fees. Use your benefit and save for the things that matter to you! 

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An easy way to invest in global stock and bond markets

With saver's funds, you can easily start seeking higher returns on the stock and bond markets. You can begin investing even with a small amount to learn the ropes.


Funds are managed by a portfolio manager

In saver's funds, a portfolio manager takes care of monitoring the markets and selecting investment products for you, allowing you to focus on other matters.


Saver's funds offer suitable options for all investors

Finding a mutual fund suitable for you is easy. You can choose between funds based on your investment horizon or risk tolerance, for example.


Mutual fund investing adapts to your life situation

You can withdraw your savings, adjust the monthly savings amount or put your investment activity on hold at any time.

Fund investment is simple and effortless

Saving is a great way to manage your daily finances and make your money grow over the long term. It is also good to prepare for unexpected expenses – they don’t always come at the best time. You should put your extra cash to work instead of keeping it idle on a bank account. An easy way to make the money grow is to regularly invest a certain amount in a mutual fund. You can get started with even a small sum – and by automatically investing a suitable sum every month, you do not need to worry about your savings. The longer you save, the better return on your investment you can expect. Over time, your investment will grow and before you notice, you will have saved enough for a holiday trip, for example.

Saver's funds are easy way to try investing

Saver’s funds offer a ready solution in which the fund’s assets are diversified on the global stock and bond markets. You will not need to actively monitor the markets or worry over investment options as the fund’s portfolio manager will do this for you. You can track the progress of your funds easily on op.fi and OP-mobile and see how investment works.


I save in funds, since that way I don’t need to worry over which companies to invest in. I get a ready-made investment portfolio, managed actively by a professional!


Choosing a suitable mutual fund

Choosing a suitable fund is easy we offer saver's funds for all types of investors. Think about your investment target, what return you are seeking, how much risk you are willing to take, and how long you plan to invest. If you need cash in a few years, choose a fund that invests a smaller share of its assets in the stock market. For long-term investing, you can choose a mutual fund with a greater emphasis on stocks.

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OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.