Equity funds

Invest in the stock market easily with OP's efficient equity funds.

Possibility of a better return on investment with higher risk

The stock market offers a higher potential return on investment compared with the fixed income market.


Diversify broadly in stocks with a single investment

You can choose from different types of funds that invest in different markets. Managing your investments is easy, and you do not need to keep track of the stocks you invest in.


As an owner-customer, you invest in equity funds more affordably

You buy and sell funds without fees and earn 0.325% in OP bonuses from your fund investments. You can make a one-time investment or begin monthly investing easily with the sum of your choice.

What is an equity fund?

An equity fund invests in stocks. An equity fund is ideal for long-term investment or as an alternative or complement to direct stock investments. The recommended investment horizon is 5–9 years, depending on the fund. A long investment horizon smooths out rises and falls in equity market returns.

In an equity fund, assets are diversified in several different stocks, which reduces the risk involved in the investment. You do not need to keep track of the invested stocks as this is done by professional fund managers who monitor the markets and the funds' development.

Why invest in equity funds?

  • Possibility of a better return on investment than the fixed income market, for example. The higher expected return also involves higher risk. In the long term, equity markets are expected to deliver a return on investment of 6% to 10%.
  • Diversify broadly in stocks with a single investment. In an equity fund, your invest in several different stocks, which lowers the risk compared to individual equity investments.
  • The stocks are picked and the fund managed by professional investment fund managers. They also monitor the market actively and make changes to the fund's investments if necessary.

Most popular equity funds

What were the most popular equity funds among our customers in 2023? Below is a list of our most popular equity funds:

  1. OP-World Index
  2. OP-America Index
  3. OP-Climate
  4. OP-Nordic Countries Index
  5. OP-Finland
  6. OP-World
  7. OP-Asia Index
  8. OP-Europe Index
  9. OP-Clean Water
  10. OP-Finlan Index

Return on investment from the stock market

Ups and downs in the prices of stocks affect the value of fund units. The value performance of equity funds that invest in a specific sector reflects the performance of stocks in that sector.

However, the risk is reduced by diversifying the investment in several different stocks and in the case of many equity funds, also in different sectors and markets. This way, the risk is lower than when investing in an individual stock.

We offer several equity funds that invest in different markets based on different strategies.

  • Funds investing in developed markets
  • Funds investing in emerging markets
  • Index funds investing based on a benchmark index
  • Sustainability-themed funds

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This is an advertisement. The funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd. The portfolio manager is the portfolio management company specified in the fund prospectus for OP funds. Investments always involve risks. The value of investments can rise and fall, and the investor may lose part of or all the invested funds. Past performance is no guarantee of potential future yield. The larger the fund’s expenses, the greater the impact on the expected return on the investment. Any yield also depends on taxation, which in turn varies depending on the investor’s personal circumstances and is subject to future changes. If the fund is marketed outside Finland, OP Fund Management Company Ltd may decide to end such marketing. The information presented on this page does not fully describe all the fund’s characteristics.

Before making an investment decision, take all the characteristics or objectives of the fund into consideration, as described in the fund prospectus for OP funds and other documents related to the fund. Only make your final investment decision after reading the fund prospectus for OP funds and the key investor information document and rules of the fund. These documents can be found on the web page of the respective fund. The fund prospectus and the summary of investors’ rights in mutual funds are available at op.fi in Finnish, Swedish and English.