Invest in emerging markets

Emerging markets as investments

Equity funds investing in emerging markets are a good choice for investors seeking high returns from strongly growing markets. Countering the promising return potential, an investor needs to note that stock prices are typically much more volatile in the emerging markets than in the Western markets and that operating environments may be subject to various political risks.

Investing in emerging markets generally always implies higher risks than in investing in advanced markets. The fund's value may vary significantly depending on the market situation and the fund's value performance may differ from that of other comparable funds.

Emerging markets funds are excellent as part of a broader and diversified portfolio. They are suitable for return-seeking long-term investors and for those making monthly investments, and are a great element of an equity or balanced portfolio.


OP’s emerging markets funds

We offer an extensive range of mutual funds for you to invest in emerging markets. We utilise our international partners in managing the funds.

Our mutual funds are managed by local and regional fund managers that best know the market in question and its special characteristics. OP-India, for example, is managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management based on their broad-based local expertise.


Funds investing in emerging markets

Diversify your portfolio with index funds

It pays to diversify investments also to other asset classes besides emerging markets funds. Index funds are an excellent choice for investors who seek good returns and cost-efficiency. When you invest in index funds, remember to identify your risk tolerance. Invest the amount in index funds that you would be ready to tolerate for an equivalent amount of price volatility in the equity market.

This is an advertisement. The funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd. The portfolio manager is the portfolio management company specified in the fund prospectus for OP funds. Investments always involve risks. The value of investments can rise and fall, and the investor may lose part of or all the invested funds. Past performance is no guarantee of potential future yield. The larger the fund’s expenses, the greater the impact on the expected return on the investment. Any yield also depends on taxation, which in turn varies depending on the investor’s personal circumstances and is subject to future changes. If the fund is marketed outside Finland, OP Fund Management Company Ltd may decide to end such marketing. The information presented on this page does not fully describe all the fund’s characteristics.

Before making an investment decision, take all the characteristics or objectives of the fund into consideration, as described in the fund prospectus for OP funds and other documents related to the fund. Only make your final investment decision after reading the fund prospectus for OP funds and the key investor information document and rules of the fund. These documents can be found on the web page of the respective fund. The fund prospectus and the summary of investors’ rights in mutual funds are available at in Finnish, Swedish and English.