Investing and saving in mutual funds

Begin investing in funds today and discover the best funds for you. Investing in funds is an easy and effortless way to achieve a return on investment. As an owner-customer, you can buy and sell nearly all mutual funds without fees.


How do I start investing in funds?

You can easily start investing on OP-mobile or the service by making a one-off investment or through monthly investment. You can change your investment amount, put your investing on hold, switch to another fund or sell your investments. The money will be transferred to your account within 1–2 banking days. 

Is investing in funds worth it?

Investing in funds is the best way to save and invest money for someone who has no time or interest in following stock market prices or analysing stocks. Money you save in a bank account does not generate a profit and is devalued over time by inflation.

In a fund, your money is invested in fixed-term and stock markets so that you can expect a long-term return on your investment. Learn more about different funds and their expected returns and choose the best funds for you to save and invest in.

How do index funds differ from other mutual funds? 

Index funds allow you to pursue the average rate of return of the stock exchange, minus fees. Index funds try to match the rate of return of the index they follow, whereas actively managed funds seek a better rate of return than the index. Index funds usually have a lower administration fee than a typical actively managed fund.

Which funds should you choose right now?

Which mutual funds should you invest in right now? Every month, we put together a list of our experts’ mutual fund ideas to make saving and investing in funds even easier for you.

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The list of our mutual funds and our fund prospectuses give you further information about mutual fund investing. You can also learn more from the funds’ financial statements and the latest capital market news. 

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This is an advertisement. Funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd, with OP cooperative bank acting as its agent. Normal transaction costs will be charged for the following special common funds: OP-Public Services Real Estate, OP-Forest Owner, OP-Rental Yield and OP-Alternative Portfolio. No OP bonuses will accrue from the R2 Crystal fund nor from institutional classes of funds.