Savings calculator

The savings calculator is a calculator that helps you assess the best investment product for your savings. How much could you put aside money per month? How much return are you seeking? Try out the savings calculator to discover the options the investors like you favour.

Enter in the fund calculator your monthly amount saved, initial investment, saving period and your objective for return. The fund calculator shows you in which funds those like you invest. Try out the fund calculator and start saving today.

How do I select the best fund?

Think of what kind of an investor you are and what are your savings targets. How long a time would you like to invest, what is your return target, how much risk can you take? The fund calculator enables you to find out the best funds matching your savings targets.

How much money to put aside each month?

Select a monthly investment amount that suits your pocket. An ideal amount may be 5–10% of your net income. You can get started with just 10 euros a month, but with a larger sum, you can build up your wealth faster. You can adjust the monthly amount or put your investment activity on hold at any time.

If you have the opportunity of investing and seek returns on your monthly investments, start investing in a fund on a monthly basis.

How much return am I seeking?

Risk and return go hand in hand in mutual fund investing. The more you want to earn returns, the more you’ll have to take risk.