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Equity investment

Interested in investment? Investing in equities (also called shares or stocks) generates the highest returns in the long term. Equity investment is ideal for an investor seeking high returns but who can also tolerate market fluctuations. Return consists of a rise in the stock's value and the dividends paid.

On OP eServices, you can trade in Finnish equities but also in various foreign stock markets. Trading is easy and, if you need tips, OP's award-winning Equity Research team will tell you which Finnish stocks are particularly good deals at the moment.

In addition to equities, take a look at our extensive range of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities). These funds and commodities provide interesting investment opportunities from all over the world to a retail investor.

How to start

To start investing in equities, you need securities custody and a book-entry account, an eServices agreement and a bank account.

If you do not yet have an agreement enabling you to use OP eServices, contact your nearest Group member cooperative bank.

Transfer custody of your stocks to OP

You can also transfer your existing custody from another bank to OP. Before transfer, ask your current stock broker the purchase prices of your stocks and submit them to your Group member cooperative bank to be updated in our system. Please note that during such transfer, trading in the securities in custody will be interrupted for 5 working days.